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Year 4

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful work you have completed at home - here are pictures of some of it making up a rainbow for our new classroom for next year.

If you have finished reading the book you can try to answer some of these questions or tasks.

15th July Summer Maths and English packs can be located by using the following link:


3rd part of " I was a Rat" up to page 109

Look at this wonderful sports day Matthew has set up and his eggs for the egg race !

Try this maths investigation ...

More wonderful work sent to us in July.

Akvile's art fun
Sintija's loopy snakes
Vyte's loopy snakes
Vyte and Sintija found a frog.
Kitty helped clear litter.
Isla's cookie dough - yummy!

Why don't you set up your own sports day in your garden with your family?

Go Kitty!
Boing! Boing!
Who will win?

Look at Benjamin and Samuel's fantastic work inspired by the art of Van Gogh.

29th June to 3rd July, we are going to have a virtual sports day week! There are activities which you can do at home and then you could send in some pictures to us. Remember to stay safe by: * social distancing * wearing a sun hat * drinking plenty of water * applying sunscreen - Have fun!

Work linked to our class reader - "I was a Rat".

Isla's Rat
Isla made a year of the Rat poster.
Isla's fantastic poem
Ellie's poster
Ellie's rat
Isla’s plague timeline
A collage of work completed by Akvile.
Matthew's poster.
Kitty's very realistic rat.
Kitty's poster
Kitty's predictions.
Kitty's picture.
Kitty's poems.
Kimora's fantastis poster.
Kimora's facts about rats.
Kirsten's poster
Vyte's work
William's rat
Isla's rat
Sintija's work.
Matthew's work.
Kitty's book review
Kitty's picture

2nd part of "I was a Rat". Read up to p 45 and answer the questions in full sentences on paper or on word. Send your work through Starz if you can.

Exciting home learning in June.

Ellie's fridge magnets.
Ellie's parrot.
Ellie's Sloth.
Matthew's poster.
Matthew's poster.
Our Lady by Matthew.
Isla's pen pots.
Samuel's lady bug.
Yummy pavlovas made by Matthew
Matthew's sceince
Matthew's stones.
Megan has tested what will float or sink.
Akvile's fish
Samuel's pen pot
Ellie's celery experiment
Ellie's cross stitch
Ellie's spag tower
kitty’s maths.
Kitty’s work
Akvile’s lego
Kitty’s maths
Cornelius' insects
Co-ordinate work by Cornelius.
Isla's sewing
Akvile's spring rolls

Workbook 7 - Rat Theme - to last until end of June.

Rat Comprehension Answers

Workpack 6 for 1st - 14th June. Optional outside work - Mission - Explore John Muir.

This is what we have been busy with at home from 1st June.

How yummy does Matthew's dessert look?
Akvile has made rock cakes!
Vyte has made an octopus.

Look at some of the wonderful activities Kitty has completed at home.

Looking after a baby bird.



Our latest photos of work and activities at home.

Akvile made this pen holder.
Akvile's art.
Kirsten's pen holder.
Matthew's pink lemonade
William's flower garland
William's drawing.
Ellie’s decorations.
Ellie’s decorations
Ellie’s cakes
Ellie’s cakes

Workbook 5 for the rest of May/ first week of June.You may wish to look at this powerpoint before you complete the geography work on looking after our planet.

Answers to Maths questions in workbook 5

You may remember that in this month of May we often think about Mary and make a journey to Our Lady Church to present flowers . Sadly we cannot make this procession this year but to think about Our Lady here are some activties. Please send back any photos of anything you are proud of that you produce as it will be lovely to see what you are doing.

Matthew was very busy last week making this amazing air raid shelter out of wood - just wow!

Look at what we have been doing at home this week from 11th May.

Grace completed this puzzle.
Samuel and Benjamin have been around the world !
Samuel and Benjamin have been planting seeds.
Kitty’s Rainbows
Kitty’s crisps
Grace's art work.
Sintija's tin can
Vyte's tin can.
Grace's lantern for international nurses' day.
Akvile’s whoopie cakes!
Kirsten’s sewimg
Ellie’s origami
Matthew's VE day cup.

Can you solve these World War 2 Cryptograms?

What are you doing for the bank holiday? Are you celebrating VE day? Send in your photos if you can.....

Akvile's lovely work from the VE pack.
Grace decorated her window.
Matthew’s cake
Matthew’s window

VE day activity book.

4th Year 4 Workbook.

Beautiful work this week 1st May.

Megan’s sewing
Isla’s drawings
Ellie’s fabulous rainbow cake.
Ellie's cats
Jonnie's cats
Kirsten's ballerina
Kitty’s drawing
Samuel’s art
Samuel’s art
Samuel’s baking

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so you will love this 3 part challenge - do all of these 3 things or just one of them - whatever you want!.


CHALLENGE 1 - DRAW A NIFFLER - watch the video guide at https://www.wizardingworld.com/features/watch-our-guide-on-how-to-draw-a-niffler-video  - draw your niffler and upload it to homework or send it on a new email to me. 


CHALLENGE 2 - Can you find the ten Harry Potter words at -https://www.wizardingworld.com/features/web-ten-words-you-need-to-know-for-hp1  . Make them into your own wordsearch or crossword - either on paper or you could use a programme online. Again send me the results.


CHALLENGE 3- Make your own scrapbook of Harry Potter characters you can use the template at - https://www.wizardingworld.com/features/make-your-own-harry-potter-scrapbook  or you can make your own.


Good luck everyone - any questions please ask!!  Mrs B 

Have you entered the handwriting competition yet? Here is a wonderful entry from Akvile.

Here are some of the wonderful things we have been busy with at home.

Akvile’s cakes
Isla’s sewing

3rd Home Learning Booklet to print or work from home with - work to last until start of May.

Hayley has found this wonderful time capsule activity for you to complete - we would love to see photos of the results.

3rd Oxford Owls Task


Go to Oxford Owls Reading - free e books age 8-9


Read the book “ Grace the Pirate “.


Answer the 3 questions about the book found on page 1 of the book - Book Quiz .


Then either write a poem about Pirates or find 6 facts about Pirates. Send it to Mrs Baumber through Starz . It is under homework . 


Dress up as a pirate and send us a photo if you can !


Any questions contact Mrs Baumber . 

Ellie has been busy over Easter with this wonderful craft work.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter.

Family dinner time has been one of the silver linings of the Covid-19 crisis. We recently rediscovered a fun dinner table game that will have the whole family snorting with laughter

Vyte’s Wonderful art work

Look at this beautiful bird box Megan has made !

2nd Oxford Owls Task 


Logon to Oxford Owls free ebooks age 7-9


Read Big Game Adventure - it’s an adventure book so you do not need to read it in order.


Answer the following questions- remember to check spellings and punctuation especially capitals for names !


You can do it on the homework section of Starz , email Mrs Baumber or  write it on paper. 


1. Which mission did you like best and why?

2. Choose one of the endangered animals on p7-9. Write a fact file about them . 

3. Write a story about how Dr Richard Jones broke his leg on Animals in Danger Mission.


Any questions please ask Mrs Baumber 

What we have been doing this week? Keep sending in the photos !

This week ask a parent if they can go on Oxford Owls and create you an account under parents. 
Then go to - books - ebooks library - books age 7-9
Choose "Cornflake Coin" and read the whole book. Then tell me the answers to the following.
1. List all the characters in the book and something about them .
2. Who won the treasure competition and with what? 
3. Where was the treasure found?
Any questions email Mrs Baumber

Sintija has sent us this photo today - what a beautiful sunset!

Our exciting times at home - this is a place where we will add photos of what we have been doing at home. Send your photos through Starz with no visible people.

Ellie made this yummy cake !  Who would like some?
Vyte has been busy finding facts from this book.
Kitty has made these amazing cakes.
Relaxing in the garden!
Teddy's picture.
Wonderful sunflower card by Teddy.
Sintijas art work.
Grace's Art Fun
Isla's art fun
Kimora's art fun

Have you tried prodigy maths yet? If you have not got a log in email Mrs Baumber on Starz and she will give you the class log in. There is a winner each week for the most correct questions - this week the winner was Grace with Isla in second place. Well done girls!

Forest Schools - here are some ideas of things to do if you can get outside.

Dear children , parents and carers of year 4 ,


As we find ourselves in this unusual time I would like to reassure you all that we are here and available here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Children can send us a message through starz and we will do our best to help.

Over the weekend some of the class have already been using starz to stay in touch with each other and myself. I will be putting various tasks on starz for the children to try. The children already have a story to complete, a maths quiz and can make a start on an animal project. If they go on to starz and look at the class page they can see these and any future activities.


Children have also got their work books to complete. They can fill in the booklet or can use their homewok book,  their own paper or exercise books. Again if there are any questions regarding this please send me a message through starz.


I am thinking of you all. Hope your first Monday of working in a different way is going well.


Mrs Baumber

Workbook 2 - for you to print or look at on the screen and children can complete work on paper.

Flag Fen Trip March 2020

Art in Progress- Using different techniques to paint in the style of David Hockney

Our history topic - The Anglo Saxons.

We will continue to learn 3 new words every week from Mrs Wordsmith.

We have designed covers for our special RE books.

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