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Welcome to Year 4!

More pictures of our learning at home

Our learning at home

Daily work during lockdown:


Scroll down this page until you find the link about 'Self-isolation and bubble closure'. Click on this and it will take you to another page where daily work can be found.

Monday 4th January


Dear Year 4 pupils, parents and carers,


Happy New Year to you all and I hope that you have had a lovely Christmas break. Thank you for the cards and Christmas gifts that we received; your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.


I have just finished listening to the Prime Minister’s speech and so the start of this new term will be different to the Autumn term as we are back in lockdown and will be learning at home and online again. However, you did this for a while last year and so know what to expect. You have all worked very hard since September and I know that although learning at home is different, you will continue to work hard in order to make good progress. Remember that Miss Brand and myself are available to email or message on Starz as often as you like during school hours.


Key points:

  1. Check that you know your Starz login details. If you don’t, please email me using the button below or at HOrbell@allsaints.cambs.sch.uk
  2. Look out for a Starz message letting you know whether myself or Miss Brand will be your contact. This is the person to whom you will send all work, questions etc.
  3. Check the Year 4 webpage each school day for the work that has been set. The government have said that work set HAS to be done, even though you are at home. I realise that sometimes this can be tricky but just try your best, contact Miss Brand or I if you get stuck, and have a go at everything please. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter. If you get stuck, please do ask us for help!
  4. Please keep yourselves safe! Stay at home unless it is for reasons that the government allow.
  5. Keep in touch with your friends, with me, and with Miss Brand on Starz :)


I have already received some wonderful photos of the crowns that you made for your Christmas homework! They really are lovely and I shall put pictures up on the webpage so that you can all see one another’s creations (I will have to crop out your smiley faces, I’m afraid though!).


Stay safe, take care and please keep in touch,


Ms Orbell 

Please note that if you are struggling to send an attachment via the 'contact' buttons, work may be sent directly to the school office at office@allsaints.cambs.sch.uk and it will be passed on to us.






Thursdays - please wear your P.E. kit to school. Ensure that long hair is tied back and any earrings are removed.


Fridays - wear your usual school uniform but with trainers please.

CAFOD's children's liturgy


We have been watching CAFOD's children's liturgy each Tuesday and there is always a colouring sheet available to decorate and send back as a photo. If you would like to do this at home, please send yours back to:




This should be sent by Wednesday. Remember to include your first name and age so they know who you are! 

                                 Merry Christmas Year 4


With having to quarantine gifts and cards this year we thought it might be nice to do something different for you. We have been thinking lots about our global families and have recently sent cards to those who may be alone this Christmas time. Miss Brand and I thought it would be lovely to buy on year 4's behalf a gift that would benefit others. We thought we would look at the CAFOD website so see who we could help. We decided that we would help someone to learn to read and also purchased equipment for a vegetable garden. 


                                      Ms Orbell & Miss Brand








Some of our homework inspired by CAFOD children's liturgy

Some of our Roman shields!



In Year 4, we have been reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. We are enjoying the story and the wonderful made-up words that the BFG uses. Recently, we created our own 'dream jars'.

Visit from March Veteran & Vintage Cycling Club 


This week (21st - 25th September), we have enjoyed visits from Colin Bedford and other members of the March Veteran & Vintage Cycling Club with some of their vintage bicycles. Colin spoke to the children about his 1940s trade bike from the old Station Road Laundry and also a WW2 paratrooper's bike.






18th September 2020


Dear parents and carers of Year 4 pupils,


I wanted to let you know how well the children have settled back in over the past couple of weeks and how proud we are of them. We have all had new routines to get used to and the children have adapted to these incredibly well. They are working hard, looking after one another, and enjoying being back at school.


I know that you will be very proud of them too smiley


With kind regards,


Ms Orbell

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