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In the event of a school closure or if your child is self- isolating, work can be accessed here on the Year 3 Class Page.




I will provide work on a weekly basis. This can be found in the sub headings below.

Children in Key Stage 2 are expected to study for 4 hours every day.

I am in school but either myself or Mrs Davey will be checking Starz throughout the school day every day.

Here is the link to Starz- all children have previously been given their logins and passwords which I sent home on a red card. If you have any problems please let the school  office know as soon as possible.

Here is the webpage. It is easier to login using the link 


The link is below.


Please be aware that there is a legal requirement for parents to ensure that children submit their completed work at the end of every session so that I can respond and feedback to them via Starz. Photographs of work should be uploaded on to Starz so that we can keep track of who has completed which tasks on a daily basis.

I will be touching base with the parents of children I don't hear from once a week to check how things are going.


Please please- keep reading with your child and/or encourage them to read to themselves and talk about their books.

Encourage them to exercise every day. It is also important that you spend time doing fun actvities such as cooking, baking, gardening, walking, biking etc. 



Please do email me if you have any questions or concerns. I will reply as soon as possible.


Miss Mayern


You will find the work for the week beginning 5th Jan 2021 below
RE Friday 8th January 2021



Here is the link to The White Rose Home Learning resources.

We use White Rose resources in school.

I will remind you every day of which activities are to be completed on that day.

This is the webpage


The link is below


If you scroll down the blue band on the right hand side you will come to the Spring term resources.

Week 1 is Multiplication and Division.

There are 5 powerpoints- one for each day of the school week.


Please do not buy the workbook. 

The following link will take you to resources that you can either print off or complete on a piece of paper- both methods can be photographed and sent to me via Starz.


Here is the webpage


The link is below


You will need to scroll down to page 14 to get to the Spring resources. 

There are 2 sheets per lesson and answers.


Please also practice multiplication and division facts for the tables your child is not fluent in.


Miss Mayern







English SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)


We will be using Oak Academy lessons and resources for this subject.


Here is the web page


The link is below

Again, there are five lessons, one for each day of the week.


I will remind you each day which lesson we will working on for that day.


You can take a photo of any completed work that has been done on line and send it to me via Starz.


English Writing


We will also be using Oak Academy lessons and resources for this subject.


Here is the web page


The link is below

This text type links to the Topic/PSHE work we will be doing in the afternoons.

There are ten lessons which will take us two weeks to comlete.


I will remind you each day which lesson we will be working on for that day.


You can take a photo of any completed work that has been done on line and send it to me via Starz




Miss Mayern








We will using the Oak Academy lessons and resources and this subject links with our writing text.


Here is the web page 

The link is below




There are six lessons to begin with and I will remind you each day which one we are working on for that day.


You can photograph and send me the scores of any quizzes you do in this subject.


Miss Mayern




We will be looking at one of our school values each day.

I will upload a powerpoint every morning.


The format will be the same- each part will look at that day's value:

A video clip

A task

A Bible story


You can send me a photo of your work via Starz.


Miss Mayern


Here is the first powerpoint.




RE- Wednesday 6th January


Today is The Feast of Epiphany which celebrates the wise men visiting Jesus after he was born.


I have attached the link to a video telling the story and a word search for you to complete.







RE Thursday 7th Jan 2021


Today's value is Forgiveness

I have out the link to two videos below.


Draw me a picture and write me a sentence showing a time when someone has forgiven you and a time when you have forgiven someone.



Christmas Week Work For Those Isolating

I have attached this half term's spellings.


Spellings will be tested every Thursday.


I have been really impressed with the children's commitment this half term.


Thank you


Miss Mayern

Autumn Half Term Homework


I have attached some Maths and English activity booklets for you to attempt over the half term break.


Please don't feel obliged to do every page in every booklet.

The main thing for you to do is get out and about in the fresh air after working so hard since we came back in September!


Well done Year 3.


Miss Mayern

Welcome to Year 3

15th July Summer Maths and English Packs can be located by using the following link:














How To Draw a DRAGON


Hello Year 3!


Miss Johnson here, I hope you are all well and enjoying the activities.


Can you draw a dragon?  I reckon you will be able to once you've seen this 'how to draw a dragon' video!  If it's going too fast for you, you can pause while you catch up.


Have a go and share your wonderful dragons pictures with me.


Happy drawing!




Miss Johnson

Art Fun!


Do you like drawing?  Do you sometimes find it difficult but would like to know an easy way?  These pictures are step-by-step and are fun.


If you are really good at art, maybe you could draw a background too?


Don't forget to share your pictures with me.


Happy art-ing!


Miss Johnson 

Hello Year 3


I hope you are all well and safe.


We will continue our theme on 'Dragon' this week.


I have attached some activities that link to this.

Here is the link to a Youtube animation that we will be thinking about.




It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully:

Open up the animation but DO NOT watch it- listen to it and see if you can imagine what is happening.

Now you can watch it.

Is what you see the same as you imagined?

What did you think the various sounds related to?

Did the music affect your imagination?


I would like you to choose a name for each character in the animation and create a fact file for them using the template I have provided.

Think about their names, personalities, favourite food, favourite activities...


Remember I love to see your work- you can upload it to Starz or email it to me at



Then I would like you to complete the sheet that tells me what you liked about the animation.


If you were the dragon slayer- what would your coat of arms look like?

Use the template to create your own.


I have also attached another science experiment- this time you can create your own lava lamp!


Have fun.

Be kind.


Miss Mayern







These are instructions to get setup.
Class code:
1. Go to www.prodigygame.com/play
2. Click New Student
3. Enter the Class Code then follow the instructions


Times Tables






J. K. Rowling's new book


J.K. Rowling has launched a new book, Why not check it out?




This is examples of year 3 maths written methods which children have learnt this year!

This is the year 3 writing targets - children understand how to use this to help improve their writing

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