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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! We are always busy with our learning and we would like to share some of it with you. 






Today in our History lesson we learnt what happened to Egyptians when they died, we compared how the rich and poor were treated once they were no longer living. 


Instead of using a real human to mummify, we decided to use tomatoes due to their liquid content being similar to humans. To start of with, we had to make a slice into our tomato which would allow us to reach all the vital organs. We then used a large spoon to scoop out all the 'organs' which would have been placed in Canopic jars to be kept safe until the Egyptian reached the after life. Once all the insides had been scooped out, we then needed to cover our tomatoes in Natron, this is a type of salt that would soak up all the water from the body. We now wait to see what happens to our mummified tomatoes and we will keep observing. It took Egyptians up to 70 days to be mummified! 

Our Ancient Egyptian Homework 

Take a look at our AMAZING Egyptian Homework! Over the May half term, children were given a choice of activities to complete, the children only needed to choose 2 to do for their homework. On the morning back after our holidays, I was greeted with hieroglyphics, mummies, sarcophagus', Egyptian jewellery and even some death masks! The children work extremely hard on their projects and I have really enjoyed hearing the children talk about what they made and how they made it! Well done Year 3!

Year 3 visit Snettisham Farm Park 


On Friday 29th March 2019, Year 3 left the classroom to venture out to Snettisham Farm Park, whilst there we were focusing upon how land was used in comparison to where we lived. Whilst we were there and the weather was beautiful ,we took part in lots of different activities. 


First of all, we went on our Deer Safari, we learnt about how land was used, what they grew and how the products that grew in the fields were then turned into foods we eat. When we reached the deer field, we were lucky enough to be given food so we could feed all the deer including the stag, who still had his winter antlers to show off! We all loved the experience of being close to the deer, even when we left the field they chased after us to get more food! 


Once back on the farm we had a tour of all the animals, we met the sheep who were ready to give birth to twins and triplets, lambs who needed to be fed, cows and their calves and lots of hungry goats! When we fed the goats, we had to remember the rule, the bag of food had to be placed behind our back, otherwise the goats would try and eat the food AND the bag as well!! 


After lunch and a run around in the sunshine, it was time to focus on the sheep who were ready to give birth, whilst we were there, we weren't lucky enough to see a lamb being born, however we did keep turning up 5 minutes late, so we could watch the mother clean her newborn and watch the lamb take it's first steps. To help the sheep have enough energy before they gave birth, we had to count sugar beet to ensure each mother had one to eat, we then threw these into the pens, careful not to hit any lambs or sheep!


Towards the end of the day, we visited the cow shed and learnt about the different breeds and how they are used for milk and meat production. We then visited the calves, they were only 3-4 weeks old and were very shy! 

We then moved onto the most exciting part of the day, bottle feeding the lambs! These lambs were called orphan lambs, as they were one of the triplets removed from their mother to ensure they received enough milk. In pairs we were given a bottle of warm milk, we had to hold it so the lambs could drink all the milk, once the milk was gone we had to keep the lambs on the bottle for as long as possible. The lambs were mischievous as when they had finished with the bottle, they kept trying to jump and escape over the hay bales, we had to keep them in!


Throughout the day we learnt lots of information about the farm, animals and the land and I'm sure the children will agree, it was a great day!






After the Christmas holidays, we decided to focus our attention on Traditional tales, stories which we have grown up with. For example Goldilocks and the three bears, Little Red Riding Hood, The three little pigs etc. 


From these stories we chose one to focus on, we chose The Princess and the pea, from this story we changed the character and what happened to them but used the plot of the story to help guide our writing. Some of the ideas were very inventive!! 

We used these traditional tales to help us!

We used these traditional tales to help us! 1


For our first focus, we have been reading a range of Myths and Legends, from these stories we have created our own hero and creatures. We are now in the process of writing our stories using all the ideas we have collected. 


We are trying very hard with our SPaG work, focusing a lot upon our capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and along with this, we are trying to challenge ourselves to use dictionaries to check spellings and thesaurus to improve vocabulary choices.



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Since the children joined Year 3, we have been working really hard in every lesson!  We have covered: 


*Place Value

*Addition and Subtraction

*Multiplication and Division

*Roman Numerals


*Problem solving 



The biggest weakness we have is our timestables knowledge. In all aspects of our Maths work we have found we need to know our timestables. We have learnt a new trick to help learn our 9 x table which has helped children solve questions very quickly. 


I appreciate all the time the children spend learning their tables and we are improving, we just need to keep working hard on our tables and recalling them quicker as it will make our work easier! 


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Since coming back from our Summer Holidays, we have been focusing upon Place Value, looking at what each digit in a number represents, how a number is made up and how we can change numbers so they are easier for us to work with. 


We use a range of resources to help us such as bears, counters, Numicon, place value cards and especially our whiteboards to help us write calculations down. We are learning to use these resources much more independently and know we can go and get them if we become stuck during the lesson. 


We continue to practice all our timestables in Year 3 from 1x1 to 12x12, now this will take time to learn, but with lots of practice we will all get there! We really need to focus upon our 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 timestables and be confident in them. 

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Since beginning a new year in Year 3 and thinking about creations God has made for us,  we continued to think about People of God. 


We thought about what it actually means to be a follower of God and read some of our Bible stories where people have followed God's words. One of our favourite stories has been Noah's Ark and remembering the significance of the rainbow. 


Over the weeks, we looked into agreements and how we still follow them in society today and what it actually means when you make an agreement. 


From our Bible story assembly we continue to remember the 10 Commandments and teach these to people around us, using our hands as a helpful reminder. 


During our RE lessons we hold lots of discussions, the children are always animated and ask fantastic questions that we sometimes have to research to find the answer! 

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As we are at the start of term we have looked at The Creation Story, we have read the story from the book of Genesis and then recreated and illustrated our own work to help us remember the 7 days. 


The children have all written their own Year 3 Prayer that we will use to say at the end of our school day to Thank God for his wonderful creations. 



In October we will have our Bible Assembly that we will perform to the school, the children will need to practice remembering the 10 commandments using a technique we have learnt, but that is all we are going to share at the moment!



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