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Work for Tuesday

19th January - Collective Worship


We would normally watch the CAFOD children's liturgy in class on a Tuesday morning and this is something you can still do at home. First, you will need to go to CAFOD's website and register to watch the videos. 




If as many of us as possible could watch at 9am on a Tuesday, then we are still 'together' as a class family.

Tuesday 19th January - SPaG


Let's carry on learning about inverted commas.


Tuesday 19th January - Maths


We will continue to practise multiplying and dividing by 7. The multiplication square is there if you need it.


Tuesday 19th January - Writing


We continue to look at poetry with a focus today on the poetic technique of repetition. Please work through the PowerPoint then complete the tasks on the final slide.


Think about capital letters and full stops. Remember to try your best with your handwriting too! Then send a picture of your work to us please.

Tuesday 19th January - Art


This week, we will look at a famous painting called The Hay Wain, by artist John Constable.

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