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Work for Thursday

Spelling test


Please ask an adult or older sibling at home to test you on your weekly spellings. Think carefully about any apostrophes and whether you should be using a capital letter! Remember to keep your handwriting neat and joined too. 


Let me know how you got on!

14th January - SPaG


We have been looking at the use of apostrophes for possession this week. Please work through the PowerPoint below then have a go at the mini-test to see how well you understand them.


14th January - Maths


We have been practising the x6 and x9 multiplication tables and I would like you to continue with this on the sheets below. 


When you have finished, follow the link below and choose x6 tables. Then, throw the coconut at all of the multiples of 6! You can repeat with the x9 tables too.





14th Jan - Writing


We are currently looking at writing poetry. Today we are going to think about the language feature of onomatopoeia. Read through the PowerPoint and then work through the tasks.

14th January - Science


We are currently learning about electricity. Please work through the PowerPoint for this lesson then complete the worksheet.

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