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Work for Friday

P.E. with Joe is back again and he is live at 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you would like to start your day with one of Joe's workouts (or perhaps later in the day at a time convenient to you), here is the link to his YouTube channel:



15th January - SPaG


Today, we shall begin looking at direct speech and how to use inverted commas (speech marks). Please read through the PowerPoint then complete the sheet (choice of easier, middle or harder).

15th January - Maths


Please work through the PowerPoint and then try the sheet. The answer sheet is below for you to see how you did. Let us know how you got on! I have also put a multiplication square below to help if you would like to use it.

15th January - Reading


There is reading comprehension included in today's R.E. work (see below).


15th January - R.E.


Today, we will look at the feast of Candlemas. Work through the PowerPoint and complete the tasks.




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