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wk commencing 11th May

There are lots of exciting things happening in nature as Spring gets going. I'm sure you spotted lots of plants growing and budding last week. I wonder if you have planted anything and it's shooting?

This week we are finding out all about frogs growing.

Have you got a pond in your garden? Go and take a look. Perhaps you will spot a frog hiding in the water. Or maybe some frogspawn turning into tadpoles.

Here is one of our favourite  stories to read and listen to. 

Listen carefully to the story.

  • Can you hear the rhyming words? Make a list of the animals and where they sit. 
  • You could write them on cards and play a matching game. 
  • Can you think of some different animals and where they might sit, for example, spiders sit on gliders! Ducks sit on trucks!
  • Have you got some toys you could use to show where the animals sit? Label your animals and where they are sitting. 


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