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Week Three - Hope in our own communities

Year 2

Year 2 talked about ways they had helped others during the lockdown, some had made biscuits and left on doorsteps for relatives, others had fetched shopping for families that were self isolating. 

The children are aware that many of the elderly community may have felt lonely so they made cards and coloured pictures to say we are thinking of them. We hope to send some of these to local residential homes. 

Year 1

Year 1 have talked about things they did during lockdown to help and  cheer up other people. In school we have made postcards to send to others with a cheerful greeting and a beautiful picture. We hope they make you smile!

In year 5 we have been talking about the different people in our community who bring us hope. We have made cards and written messages of hope for members of care homes that will be delivered locally.

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