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Week Four - Hope across the world

In Year 2 we spoke about how COVID 19 has affected countries all over the world. 


We wrote a poem of hope and we are going to get Mrs Lamy to send  copies to President Joe Biden at the White House. 


This week we thought about how we have helped keep ourselves healthy and safe, especially since returning to school since lockdown. We talked again about the importance of washing hands. We created hand puppets which showed what our hands may look like when clean and dirty and we used our puppets to act out a role play where Miss Clean gave advice to Mr Clean about the importance of hand washing. We also talked about how other countries may have had difficulty keeping hands clean through lack of water and we explored the charity 'water aid'. We thought about how it would feel to have to travel to collect water- we tried to put ourselves in their shoes and attempted to carry buckets of water to the gate and back. We reflected and gave thanks for the simple things in life which we take for granted. 

Year 5 have been thinking about hope across the world during the pandemic. We have found out how many people in different countries have been vaccinated and shown these on a world map. We have also looked at messages of hope from Children around the world and added them to the map. In small groups we researched into how the countries of Ghana , Russia , Poland , Ireland and Lithuania have been coping through covid. We presnted these as news reports. Some of us have designed posters of hope to show how the world is working together to ease the crisis.

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