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Week beginning 25/1/21

Here is another fun brain break for the week!

Daily reading 

E readers are regularly updated. Or please use books you have at home. 

Maths link for the week. Please check on each day which video to watch. Thank you. 

Monday 25th January


Watch the recording of todays story. What can you see on the front cover? What does it tell you about the story? What is she carrying? Where do you think it might be set? 

Listen to the story.

Then look at the photos. Read the sentence. What punctuation is used at the end of the sentence? Why is that?

Handa is thinking about her friend. Write a thought bubble showing something that Handa might be thinking as she walks along. Make it a different sentence to the story. 


Watch todays video, then follow the sheet. 

Subtraction crossing 10 (1)


Today we continue to find out about letters and the alternative ways they can be pronounced. 

u  as in music

Phonics play - acorn adventures - u -


Last week you sorted animals into their habitats for the north pole and south pole. Today we are finding another way of sorting animals.  Scientists classify animals by their type. They can be sorted into groups, mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, insects, amphibians. watch the power point and then sort the animals on the sheet. You can draw a diagram, or use the sheet. 

Story Handa.mp4

Still image for this video

Get Active Challenge!

Try jumping over something!




Take Care!

Tuesday 26th January


Read the words for the different fruits. Use your super phonics skills to help you. 

You are going to write a sentence to describe one picture from the story. Listen to the story again and pause on the picture you choose.  What can you see?  What do you think  you could hear? What do you think you would smell? 

Use our writing check list to help you. 


Follow the video for today and then complete the sheet.

Subtraction crossing 10 (2)


alternative pronunciation 'ow' as in cow or bowl

Use acorn adventures on Phonics play and select 5b  alternative ow


Continuing our music Oak academy rhythm 2. 

Get Active challenge!

Keep ups - how many times can you kick a ball up, (or rolled up socks).

Bronze=5 times

silver = 10 times

Gold = 20+ times

Well done! 

Wednesday 27th January


Todays handwriting letters are : b p h k

All our letters start on the line and go up, creating the 'tails' that are needed for joining later on. 

Perhaps you could practice all the letters we have done so far!


Please follow the video and then the sheet. The mastery cards are for extra challenge.  Have a go if you would like to stretch yourself. 

Related facts.


Alternative pronunciation 'ie' as in chief and pie.

On phonics play try the speed flashcards phase 5 to remind yourself of all the phase 5 sounds. then Acorn adventures , and cheeky chimps, 5b has all the alternative sounds. 


For PE this afternoon you can choose a Joe Wicks class to do, go for a walk with family, or some cosmic yoga. Perhaps if the weather is ok you could have a game of football outside. 


If you go out today you could look out for these things. Winter is still here, but there are some signs of Spring coming!

Bubbles are not just for the summer! I tried to freeze some on the morning frost. I wonder if you can get it to work?  (I think it needs to be really cold.)

Get Active challenge

Have a jog around!

Bronze= 5minutes

silver = 10 minutes

Gold = 15minutes

Thursday 28th January


Listen to Handa's surprise again if you need to. You should be becoming very familiar with the story now. We are going to draw a story map to show the order of what happens. Re tell  the story as you go along. Write short captions to remember what each part of the story is about. Below are some examples of story maps, some pictures to cut up and use if you wish and a template. You can draw it out on paper or use these resources. 


In todays maths we are comparing number sentences. 

The sheets have 1* 2** 3***, 3*** being the challenge. Also are some extra mastery cards to try, if you want to stretch yourself. 


In todays lesson we are looking at alternative 'ea' pronunciations. as in 'sea' and 'head'

Try the flash cards in phonics play for phase 5 speed trial. you should be getting really quick at these. Then phase 5b acorn adventures has our alternative pronunciations. 


We are all part of a family – big families, small families, and most importantly… God’s family!

A family will always be there to love and support you, even when things go wrong.

We all have different families and we all play a different role in the families that we are a part of. It is important to remember that our differences are something good because if we were all the same, it just wouldn’t work!

Most importantly we must remember to work together, using all of our different strengths and talents, so that love is at the center of all our families.

Watch the song clip from Lion King 2

What is the message in this song?

What does Simba try to teach his daughter?

This song tells us a lot about families. Even though sometimes things go wrong our families are still there “filled with hope and filled with pride” because they love us, no matter what.

It can be difficult when our plans change but our families are there to stand by us and to support us.

Here is a prayer for you:

Thank you Lord for giving us people to love and support us even when things don’t go as we have planned.

Help us to help our families and to support them too.


Think about what you would say (or sing!) to your family to let them know that you love them and support them. HOw can you help your family?

Perhaps you can write it down, record it, or draw it!


Get Active challenge

Squats!! count how many squats you can do safely in a minute.

Bronze = 10 

Silver = 15

Gold = 20+ squats!


Friday 29th January


Talk through the story of Handa. What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Write a sentence to show what happens at each of these parts of the story. Remember to use our checklist to help you write your sentences. 

You could draw a picture to show as well. 

There is a reading comprehension sheet for today. Read the sentences, no need to print out. You could draw the pictures on paper. 


Today we are looking back over skills already covered and applying them in reasoning and problem solving. Often children can say how something is worked out much better than writing it. Please scribe how your child answers the questions if needed. 


Let's look again at some tricky words with Felix. 

There are many games on phonics play to practice tricky words across all the phases. 

Activity afternoon

This weekend the RSPB Big Garden bird watch starts.  You might like to sit quietly this afternoon watching which birds come to your garden. Or get outside and see what you can spot when out on a walk. There are some ideas here for bird feeders, and many more on the internet. 

Keep a record of what you see. I'm going to also give it a go. I wonder what you will spot?

Get Active Challenge

Practice hopping on your right leg.

Bronze = 30 seconds

Silver = 1 minute

Gold = 2+ minutes

Great job!

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