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Week beginning 22/2/21

Daily Reading

Please read each day for 20 minutes. E readers are regularly updated. Or use books you have from home.



This week we are exploring alternative spellings for the /ai/ and /c/ phoneme. 

Use the phonics play link to find games and activities in phase 5c. 

Also the clip from Mr Thorne does phonics. 



Try one of these rhymes to get you moving during the day.

Monday 22nd February


Today you are going to be sentence detectives. Read the sentences carefully. These are all from Traditional Stories. Which stories do you think they have come from? How do you know? What is the sentence about?  Is there part of the story that repeats and becomes very familiar? Use your knowledge of stories to work it out.

Do you know one story better than the rest? Try writing out part of the story you know really well.


Watch the phonics clip at the top of the page. Play 'phoneme spotter' to find all the ways of making the ai sound.


Counting in 2s -watch the clip and then complete the activity.


Town and country – See the Town and country mouse story. Think about the similarities and differences between the town and countryside. What different things might people do in these places?

Sort the features onto the activity sheet. Talk about your choices.

Tuesday 23rd February


Here are some pictures form a story. What do you think could be happening here? Write a sentence for each saying what you think might be happening. Use your knowledge of other stories to help you.


Practice reading tricky words - 





Play word sort with ai words.  Either on phonics play or print out. 


counting in 2s - watch the clip and then complete the activity


Materials - We are going to be exploring different materials. We need to be safe while we are doing this and follow instructions carefully. What are different things around you made of? These are different materials. Hunt around your house for an object and say what material it is made of. Can you make a group of objects from the same material and label it? Or complete the sheet, match the words to the materials

Wednesday 24th February


This is our new story! It’s a bit like a traditional story that you might already know. There are familiar characters, and settings. How did your ideas from yesterday compare? (No right or wrong answers.)  Listen to or watch the story again. Can you start to learn the story in the way you know a traditional story? Are there parts of the story that repeat?

Create a story map with the events of the story in order. Add captions and label to remember what is happening at each part.


Look at the Best bet poster to learn the rules for sorting the sounds. 

Sheet to look at pictures and write the words. 


Counting in 5s - watch the video then complete the activity


If you are able to get outside for  a walk or bike ride, that is a really good idea.  You could go for a walk, or do some laps of your garden. You can choose to complete a Joe Wicks workout, or a Cosmic yoga. Let's get active! 

Thursday 25th February


Book Talk – This is a new lesson for year 1. Each week we will read or listen to a story. We will discuss the plot of the story, the setting, the characters,  the author and the illustrations. Then we can choose from a grid of activities to complete.


Today we are learning the alternative spellings for the /c/ phoneme.

Practice tricky words





Read the words - cat,  lick,  kit,  school,  fox,  queen. Sound them out. Which phoneme do they all  have?What can you hear? 

Practice reading and writing the sentences below. 


counting in 5s - watch the video then complete the activity


All the children are going to contribute to a prayer for the whole school. KS2 are going to put the ideas together, but they need your help. Do you have any thoughts of what our whole school prayer should say? You do not need to write the whole prayer, but perhaps a few ideas. There is a template sheet to look at and use if you wish. 

During half term was Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Do you know what these days are? They are showing it is the beginning of Lent, the time before Easter. 

This week we start our Lent Challenges from Bishop Stephen. Each week we get asked to complete a challenge. The theme for this year is 'Hope and Future'. 

We are thinking about  - What are the hopes of the children in our school? 

We recognise that many things have had to change over the last year and there are many challenges for all of us. In the Bible the story of Noah reminds us about change, and how there was hope in the story. The Rainbow was a sign of hope. God sent it after the flood to show that he promises he will always be there for us and that we have a hope and a future. 

What can we hope for in the next few months?

Maybe you have friends or relatives that you haven't been able to see for a long time and you are looking forward to seeing them when you can. 

Where have you seen a rainbow as a sign of hope and thanks?

As Christians we understand that life is hard but God is with us in the difficult times. God promises sunshine after the rain. We can help others and reach out in friendship. we can help everyone in our school family as we work together.

Can you make a rainbow of Hope to show others that good times will come again. Display it so that it can be seen by others, perhaps in a window. 

I really look forward to seeing what you do. 


Friday 26th February


Hot seating- this is where you think of questions to ask one of the characters in the story. You could ask the Prince, King, Queen, Knight. What would you like to find out? Send your questions in and you might get a royal answer!


Quick write - say the words for the children to write, using the skills from the week. 

make, clay, snail, eight, grey, date, tray.

Practice reading sentences below.

Play game from phonics play phase 5c, alternative spelling ai or c. 


consolidation of counting in 2s and 5s

Activity afternoon

Have a go at making some stick puppets for a traditional story.  Draw a picture of your favourite traditional story. Create a show of a story you know really well.  Build a setting for a story you know. Go out for a walk and look for signs of spring. Read a story to your toys. Continue any activity you didn't have time to do during the week. Do some cooking. Help with getting tea ready.  Have fun. I'd love to see some pictures of what you are doing!

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