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Week beginning 18/1/21

We use this song to have a quick move around if we have been sitting for some time, to give our brains a break and have some fun! 

Daily Reading for 20 minutes.


Please use the books allocated on Collins e readers. 

At the front of each book there is the phonics sounds and words covered. There are ideas to talk about before reading. 

At the back of each book there are ideas and questions to develop reading further. 


Please let us know if you are having difficulties with e readers. 

However you can:

Select a book from home that your child will be able to share with you. 

Discuss the title of the book, front cover, any interesting points. 

Make predictions as to what might happen next.

Talk about the plot,  characters and setting.

Use the phonics sounds that your child knows to help them segment and blend words. 


Monday 18th 

Good Morning. Set out below is todays learning. We hope you have a good day. Remember to email or use starz to let us know what you have been doing. Thank you for your support. 



In the story of The snail and the whale' the whale says to the snail 'I will take you to places you only dreamt of.'

I wonder where the snail might dream of going to? Have a think of somewhere that it might like to go. It could be a real place or somewhere from your imagination. 

Draw a picture of where the snail would like to go and label it with a sentence. 


This week we are practicing our subtraction.

Look at the power point for todays lesson-  3. Subtraction not crossing 10. Practical activity.



This week we start looking at phonemes we have seen before but they are pronounced differently.

Today - i as in find. 

Phonics play on line is now free to use. 

Try the phase 5b game Cheeky chimps for the i sound, and sentences for i. 


I wonder.... would a polar bear and penguin ever meet?

That is our big question for this  half term.  Maybe you already know an answer and the reason why.  Watch the clips and then sort the animals into the correct habitats. 


phonics play phase 5b cheeky chimps game and sentences for i
The Polar Institute has some crafting and home learning ideas on their site, if you would like some extra activities during the week. 

Todays 'Get Active' challenge is to do Frog jumps. 

Bronze = 10 jumps

Silver = 20 jumps

Gold = 30 jumps

How will you do?

Tuesday - Good morning year 1!  I hope you had a good day yesterday. Follow todays learning and I look forward to hearing from you through the contact page at the beginning of the year 1 web page, or through starz.  Thank you. Mrs Mathieson



We are going to look at the picture we drew yesterday. Last week we thought about adjectives. Can you remember what they are? Make a list of adjectives to go with your new setting picture. You maybe able to use some adjectives from last week. Or perhaps some from The snail and the whale. 


continuing subtraction

White Rose Maths , Subtraction not crossing 10.


Todays alternative sound is o as in cold.  Please use yesterdays powerpoint and find o.

Phonics play 5b, acorn adventures game, and sentences for o. 


Follow The Oak Academy for our music today. We are learning about Rhythm lesson 1. 


Here is a story read by me for you!

Hope you enjoy this favourite and let me know if you would like another. I'll have to see what I have at home with me!


Monkey Puzzle Story Video.mp4

Still image for this video

So our 'Get active' challenge today is to see how many times you could hit a ball or some balled up socks, backwards and forwards to someone else.

Keep track of your highest score!

 Wednesday -Good morning! We hope you are having a good week. Please remember to share your learning today with the year 1 team through starz or the contact form at the beginning of the year 1 page.  It is important we hear from you. We are looking forward to hearing what you have been doing.  



Todays handwriting letters are called one armed robot.    r n m

Practice writing the letters , then can you write these words. 

run, mum, nut, mitten,

What other words with these letters can you think of?


White Rose Maths , subtraction not crossing 10 ( counting back) 


soft c as in cell.  Use the powerpoint form Monday to practice the sounds.

Watch Geraldine, then see if you can think of any more words with the soft c sound. 


You can choose for your PE to follow Joe Wicks on you tube, get out for some games in the garden, go for a walk or some cosmic yoga. Have fun. 




If you want to try our 'Get active ' challenge today, you need to see if you can beat yesterdays score!. 
This is a little extra information about Polar regions. A very interesting programme giving you great survival tips if you ever visit a polar region!


School will be joining the Ignite team on you tube for the Third Thursday assembly at 9.15am. It can be watched here. 



We are thinking back to our tiny snail imagining his new adventure. I wonder what he can see? Use the amazing adjectives you have thought of to write a description of what he can see on his journey. 


Subtraction, powerpoint, lesson 4. Subtraction not crossing 10.

The sheets are 1*  2** 3***

Choose your level of challenge 3 being the hardest. You do not need to complete all the sheets.


Soft g as in giant.  Look again at the powerpoint. How many new sounds have you learnt? Practice them again.

Watch Geraldine. Which words did she think of? Can you think of more than her? What could you find around your house?


In the Bible Jesus calls himself 'the light of the world'. Can you think of different things that give out light? Christians believe that Jesus shines light into the lives of all people. God brought brightness when Jesus was born. He brings hope. We talked about hope at advent and one of the candles in the advent crown was showing hope.  In the Christmas story the angels brought light to the shepherds on the hillside and the star shone its bright light for the Wise men to follow. 

  • You could make a collage to show the sunshine rising in the morning, perhaps one of the scenes for the Christmas story, or light shining in the darkness. 
  • You could draw a candle or use the template. Use wax crayons to draw patterns on it, then put a thin paint wash over it. 



'Get active' today ! Practice hopping on one leg.

Bronze= 30 seconds

Silver = 1 minute

Gold = 2+ minutes

Well Done!



We are going to write a mini adventure for our tiny snail and enormous whale. Think about the setting you have made this week. All the wonderful words you have used so far. 

Split your story into a beginning, middle and end.  You can use the beginning of the story from The snail and the whale. Then add your own adventure in the middle. Finish with an ending of your own or use the one form the book. 

I look forward to hearing where the snail has been!


White Rose Maths, subtraction, crossing ten (counting back)


We are going through all our tricky words today! Follow Felix and then practice on your own. I wonder if you can find any of the words in one of your story books?


Have an afternoon with your toys, building lego, have a teddys tea party! Explore outside if you can, can you see any bulbs starting to grow? Enjoy reading a book under a blanket, or watch a clip from BBC learning. 

Take Care

Thank you for all your support this week. 

Here is another story for you. This is an adventure story. Where would you go on an adventure? 

Our last 'Get active' challenge for this week is : try to do some sit ups!

Bronze= 10

Silver = 20

Gold = 30

How many can you do? 

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