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Week beginning 1/3/21

Daily reading

Please continue to read the e reading books or books you have at home.


Please use phonics play to help practice the sounds of the week. Phase 5c. 




Monday 1st March


We are thinking about 2 words form Mrs Wordsmith. Gargantuan, and bumbling. 

I wonder how you could use each of these words to describe someone from the story The Kiss that Missed?

Draw a picture and label with your word choice to show what it means. 


We are beginning a new unit looking at measuring. Today we are talking about comparing lengths. 


This weeks sound family is 'ee'. Watch the clip then complete the phoneme spotter on phonics play 'investigating ee' in phase 5c or print out the copy below. 


We are continuing to think about where we live. This week we are looking at the UK.  We are going to be naming the countries of the UK and looking at their flags. We will think about the capital cities of each country.

Tuesday 2nd March


Today we are revisiting our learning about nouns and adjectives. we are going to look at a picture of a knight and a dragon and make a list of nouns we can see and adjectives. 


Compare heights activity


practice spelling tricky words  said, so have, like

look at the best bet poster  and discuss which spelling is most common. Phonics play investigating alternative spellings ee


We are continuing to think about materials. We are going to name objects and think about which material has been chosen to make that object. 

Wednesday 3rd March


We are thinking about where the story The kiss that missed is set. There is the castle where the young prince lives, and the wild woods where the knight meets the wild animals and dragon.

Draw a picture of one of the settings. Use adjectives from earlier in the week, or think of some more, to describe your setting.


Compare lengths and heights


Practice reading and writing the sentences containing the ee sound family.


Chooose a way to get active this afternoon. Perhaps go for a walk, bike ride or a run!  Or you could follow a cosmic yoga, or another exercise of your choice.



Thursday 4th March 

Today is world book day. We haven't forgotten. We are looking forward to celebrating with you all back in school next week. 

English - Book talk

Todays book talk story is the Three Little pigs. Read the story together, from the sheet or your own book if you have it. Then choose one of the activities to complete.


Measure - lengths non standard units.


Pracise spelling and reading tricky words said so have like. 

Write the words rich, much, future, adventure, catch, stitch. Which phoneme do they all contain? Alternative spelling of ch, ture, tch.

Complete the phoneme grid.

RE - Lent challenge - We are continuing to think about Hope.  Watch the powerpoint. It may be a little hard for Year 1 to understand it all , but it is a good starting point for discussion. 

Create a word pattern using words linked to the word hope. Words that mean hope to you. There is also a mindful colouring sheet for the word hope.



Friday 5th March


Today we are going to make a little book to tell the story of The kiss that missed.  Use all the words that you have thought of over the week to add description to your story. Use your story ma from last week to help keep your story in order. Don't forget to add wonderful illustrations. There is a small book template, it is small!!  Paper folded to make a book, using pages together or using a note book are all great ways to show your story.


Measuring length 1. 


Practice reading decodable words - day, made, came, make. 

Play quick write. Say the word and encourage the children to hear the sounds as they write. Think about the tricky part of the word carefully.  tree, three, steam,  happy,  monkey,  these,  chief. 

Practise reading the sentences.

Activity afternoon

Can you build a castle? You could use blocks you have at home, lego, cardboard, boxes, junk modelling, the sofa!! Who would live in your castle. You can dress up as a knight or princess! Perhaps you are the King. 

You might like to do some cooking, play a game, or get out for some exercise.

Follow the pictures and make some bubbles.

You will need:

pipe cleaner,  water,  washing up liquid. Puff!!

Thank you to you all for your continuing support. We look forward to seeing you all back at school next week. Many aspects of our day are just as before in December.

Please read the notices, Parent mail, about school start and finish times as before.  Masks are advised on the playground for adults.

PE is on Monday. Come to school in PE kit, with long hair tied up and earrings removed or taped.

Reading books will be given out on a Monday and collected in on a Friday. Please return  any books you may still have, to school. 


Take care and we look forward to seeing you again. 

Mrs Mathieson

Mrs Hall

Mrs Marsh

Miss Dhillon


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