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Week beginning 1/2/21

Daily reading, 20 minutes daily. 

E books are regularly updated, or please use books from home.

Oxford Owls is a free online reading resource.

Here is another brain break song to try! Let me know if you have a favourite for us to try. 
Phonics play games to support learning. Select 5b games and activities for current learning, and 5a to include revision of past sounds.
Our Year 1 Writing checklist

Monday 1st February

Good morning. We do hope you have had a good weekend and we are looking forward to sharing all our learning this week. 


You might like to re watch or read Handa's Surprise. Today we are thinking about which animals took which fruit. 

We are going to write a sentence using the word 'and' to link our ideas. So we might write 'The goat hit the tree and the tangerines fell down.'

Challenge yourself to write 2 or 3 sentences. Remember our writing checklist from before. 


This week we start a new block of number finding out about place value. 

Counting to 50 by making 10, activity.


Alternative Pronunciations -er



We looked on a map previously at the continent of Africa. This week we are going to look more closely at Africa.  We are going to find out who lives here, what the weather is like, and what animals live here. You will need to do some research of your own, perhaps in books, on line, or by asking people. There are some links to BBC Teach Go Jetters clips, Andy's animals, and a Powerpoint, to help. 

Then draw a picture to show what you have found out. Don't forget to label your pictures. 

Tuesday 2nd February


What do we know about the animals form Handas surprise? We have thought a lot about adjectives - describing words. We are going to pretend to be one of the animals. We are going to write a sentence to describe the animal, starting with 'I am a...'

So it could be ' I am a grumpy goat with big horns.'

Choose your animal and remember our writing checklist.


Numbers to 50


Alternative pronunciations -a, as in hat/ bacon

Creative afternoon

We have explored mixing colours at school. The primary colours are red, blue, yellow. and these can be mixed to make secondary colours, green, purple, orange. Colours can make us think of different things or feel different ways. If you look at something blue you might think it is cold, or something orange is hot. 

You are going to choose an animal from a polar region, or Africa. Draw or paint your animal in a setting using the colours to show what it's habitat is like. You could use a template to draw around, or cut a picture form a magazine of your animal. 

I wonder if you will create a hot or cold picture?


You could write the words out on paper and put them around the house to read. Up the stairs is a good idea!

Art ideas

Wednesday 3rd February


How do the animals in the story move? You can act out being one of the animals. You can choose the same one as yesterday, or a different one.  Think about whether it is an animal that moves up tall, or down low, does it have 2 legs or 4? Look at the illustrations to help you. 

Write a sentence to show how you move. Use the words ' I am a .... and I can ....'   ' I am a parrot and I can fly up high.' You can draw your own illustration to show what you are doing. 


counting forwards and backwards wihtin 50


Alternative pronunciations -y  as in yes/sky/ hairy


Today for PE try to get outside if you can for a walk, bike ride or a game in the garden. 

There are many online activities for children. We like the cosmic yoga, but you can choose Joe Wicks or another you know of. Just get moving!!

Story time with Mrs Mathieson. This is another story from Africa. Enjoy!


Thursday 4th February


We have some new Mrs Wordsmith words to find out about. They go together. 

searing, scorching, blistering.

Talk about the meaning of the words, then try to put each one into a sentence verbally. Choose one to draw a picture for to show the meaning. You can link it to the story of Handa, or some other facts you have found out about Africa. 


Tens and ones


Alternative pronunciations -ch  as in chick/school/chef


Today we are thinking about prayer. Prayer is a way for us to talk to God. What prayers do we say in school? (lunchtime prayer, end of the day prayer). Some of our prayers say Thank you to God, some are to ask God for something, some are to praise God. 

Write a prayer to God. You could say Thank you, ask for something or praise God. Or you could write one of our school prayers and decorate it. 


Try learning this song.

Tomorrrow, Friday, in school we will be remembering Sir Captain Tom Moore and all that he did to help raise money to support the NHS, as well as his life achievements. 

Each class is challenged to walk 100 laps of our track!  At school each child will walk 10 laps to build our target. You can help to reach this target. You could walk up and down your garden path, or go for a walk to the park, or walk around the house! Let us know how you got on so we can add your achievements to the total.


Friday 5th February



practice the letters c a d e g

You could practice writing them in different colours, in paint, pencil, pen! 


represent numbers to 50


Tricky words. 

Here is an active game to play. Use yesterdays power point to choose a tricky word, write the word out, then complete the actions to spell the word out! Photo below. Have fun.

Activity afternoon

Have a great afternoon, making and creating. You could make some finger puppets for Handa's surprise, paint a picture of a bowl of fruit, use some fruit you have to make a fruit salad, or fruit kebabs. Play with your toys and create a scene from Africa or a polar region. Perhaps you could build with lego or blocks. Or enjoy a story and hot chocolate!

Show us what you get up to. 

Story time with Mrs Mathieson

Still image for this video

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