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Week beginning 11/1/21

Daily Reading for 20 minutes.


Please use the books allocated on Collins e readers. 

At the front of each book there is the phonics sounds and words covered. There are ideas to talk about before reading. 

At the back of each book there are ideas and questions to develop reading further. 


Please let us know if you are having difficulties with e readers. 

However you can:

Select a book from home that your child will be able to share with you. 

Discuss the title of the book, front cover, any interesting points. 

Make predictions as to what might happen next.

Talk about the plot,  characters and setting.

Use the phonics sounds that your child knows to help them segment and blend words. 

All resources for the day will be posted at the end of each days explanation.

Monday 11th January


Today we are thinking more about the story of The snail and the Whale. What is a 'setting' in a story?  

In this story there are several different settings. If we look at the pictures where can you see the story takes place?

Use objects and toys from around your house to build one setting from the story. Then write a label for  the characters and say where they are. 


This week we will be following White Rose Maths online  and consolidating our learning from last week. Please follow the links below to find the daily video and acitivites.


Today we are learning the a-e phoneme. This is a split digraph. Look at the powerpoint and then watch the clip. Can you think of some more words that have this phoneme, or look out for them in your reading today. Let me know which words you have found. 


This week we are finding out about what happened after Jesus was born.  Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple to give thanks to God for their baby. Have you been Christened, baptised or dedicated? This is similar to the story of Simeon and Anna. You can find the story in the Bible in Luke chapter 2 verses 22 - 38 if you have a children's Bible to look it up in. 

At some point during the day have sometime to get a bit of fresh air if you can. Perhaps go into the garden, or have a short walk near your home with your adult. What can you see to show the season that we are in? 



Today we are going to look at the setting pictures from yesterday again. We  are going to use adjectives to describe the pictures. Adjectives are words that we can use to describe an animal, person, thing, or thought. It can be what something looks like, what it feels like to touch, taste or smell. 

Choose one of the settings from The snail and the whale. You are going to make a list of adjectives to describe it. There are sheets below, but this can be written out on a piece of paper with no printing required. 


White Rose Maths online



Today we carry on with split digraphs. This time e-e.  once you have watched the clips, you could write the words you have learnt onto pieces of paper 2 times. Then play a pairs matching game. 


It's time to get creative. We are going to draw some creatures that The whale and the snail saw on their journey.  You can follow the 'How to' clips or make up your own drawings. Perhaps you could create a background setting for your animal? 



Adjectives from The snail and the whale


Half way through the week! Well done. 


We are going to practice the next long ladder letters. juy.

Use the clip to help you. What words can you think of that have these letters? Perhaps you could write in the colours of the rainbow!


White Rose maths online.


Our next split digraph is i-e. I wonder what Felix will be doing today?


Find a space and follow the cosmic yoga story. Or get outside for some fresh air in your garden or for a walk in your local area. 

Yesterday we made some trays of shallow water and some leaves from the wild area. We have left it outside over night. What do you think will have happened to it? Perhaps you could try this experiment yourself. 



We are going to learn a new word from Mrs Wordsmith. 'treacherous'. Have you heard this word before? What do you think it might mean? Look at the picture to see what Ying and Yang are doing. 

Draw your own picture to show what 'treacherous' means and add the word so you don't forget it. 


White Rose maths .


Split digraph o-e. See what Felix finds out today.


Last week we thought about hot and cold places around the world. Today we will be finding out about where some of these places are on a world map. If you have an atlas or globe it will be helpful to use it. Or use the map pictured on here.

Can you find the North pole and South pole on your map? The North pole is located in the Arctic Circle, and the South pole is in Antarctica. Do you think these are hot or cold places? Label them on a map.  Now we are going to find Africa. Do you think this is a hot or cold place?  There is an imaginary line going around the world called the Equator. The nearer a place is to the equator the hotter the place will be. See if you can spot the Equator on your map and mark in Africa. Can you find the United Kingdom? This is where we live. Are we nearer to the equator or the North or South Pole? Mark the uk on your map. 

Perhaps you can now find out how the weather changes from the northern part of the world to the southern.




Can you remember what an adjective is?  Which adjectives did you think of earlier in the week? Can you remember our Mrs Wordsmith word for this week?

We are going to use all of these words to write up to 3 sentences today. You need to say your sentence aloud before writing it. Use the grid to remind you what to do. Make your sentences really exciting with those adjectives. 


White Rose Maths online 


Our last split digraph is u-e.

Afternoon learning

This afternoon have some time exploring and creating. It could be using your lego to build a model, painting a picture, cutting and sticking, reading a book to your teddy, play a game together, cooking or get outside and have some exercise or perhaps follow Joe Wicks. 


Thank you for your help and support this week. I look forward to hearing from you. 



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