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Wednesday 6.1.21

Mrs Wordsmith - incessant . Write 3 sentences today.

Please remember to work on your spellings and area and perimeter for the tests on Thursday.


Today, the children in school will be spending approximately 40 minutes to an hour doing some exercise. We are lucky to make the most of the race track but we will also be carrying out an old Joe Wicks PE session. We would like you to choose your own Joe Wicks session to follow.  Exercise is important!



Please see the attached RE comprehension and another Mrs Wordsmith word for you.  Remember to write your answers neatly, use correct spellings and punctuation.  Please send your answers directly to me.  Go back to the text to find your answers.


Maths: Revision of column addition




Both the worksheets and answers are attached. Some of you might like to have a go at the decimal addition as well as the column additions. With these, make sure that you line the numbers up, with the decimal point carefully placed eg:


0.3 + 0.5 =







What is column addition? - BBC Bitesize

When writing down sums, separate the numbers into ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. List the numbers in a column and always start adding with the ones first ...



Please submit your work to Miss Johnson on Starz.  Remember to write your name and date on your work.  One piece of English before lunch time please. 

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