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Wednesday 3rd March

Mrs Wordsmith - butterfingered. Draw this picture or your own.



We loved reading your raps yesterday!


Today we are going to edit and publish our Raps!


Task A

1) Using the feedback you have received from Miss Johnson, please edit your rap.

2) Publish your rap, use pictures to decorate your work. 

3) Practice your rap, we will performing our work in class next week!


Please send all work to Miss Johnson and be ready to share your work next week. We cannot wait to hear them! 


Task B

Read the powerpoint for the second week of the Lent Challenge. Then choose one of the tasks to complete - write a poem or you could change it to a rap about Hope. Or create a word cloud for hope or Lockdown.


Send your finished task to Miss Johnson.

Keep working on you X6 tables - here is a game for you to play to work on this.

Maths today - Compare Angles Powerpoint


Today we are going to continue focusing on the covenants made by God and start to consider our part in the New Covenant. 


Read through the presentation and then complete Task A or Task B. 


Please send all work to Miss Johnson. 



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