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Wednesday 24.2.21

Mrs Wordsmith - scenic- draw your own beautiful , scenic picture


Another fantastic world cloud was created yesterday. Well done everybody, these are amazing!


We are continuing to explore how poets use descriptive language to deepen the readers understanding of their work. Often, appealing to all of the readers senses.


Today, we are going to think about how poets use similes and personification. 

  • A simile is when two things are compared using like or as e.g. as tall as a giraffe.

  • Personification is when you give human characteristics to an object e.g. the leaves danced across the lawn.


A great example of the use of simile's is Michael Rosen's poem "JellyFish". Watch the poet perform his poem and listen for the similes! The link is here: Michael Rosen Jellyfish on Vimeo


Task A

Read and listen to John Lyon’s poem “Natural Dancing Partners”. The link is here: John Lyons - Natural Dancing Partners - YouTube 


1) Underline or make a list of the lines in the poem where the poet has used personification.

2) Why do you think the poet has made the link between willow trees and dancers?

3) Describe three different objects using personification.


Task B

Watch Karl Nova perform his poem “Four Seasons”. The link is here: ‘Four Seasons’ by Karl Nova on Vimeo


1) Underline or make a list of the two similes used in the poem.

2) Did you like the poem and why?

3) Create three similes to describe your favourite season.


Task C

Please let use know which is your favourite poem and phrase using the link below:


The code is 40 47 98 3


All work can be handwritten or completed on the computer. 

Please send all work to Miss Johnson. 


Keep working on the x3 and x4 tables for the test on Thursday. Here is a board game for you to play at home.

Maths today - look at these 2 powerpoints to learn about different angles.

RE - The start of our Lent Challenge - read the powerpoint and then do 2 of the 3 tasks.

Class Prayer -2nd task for RE today if you get chance. Send your idea to Mrs Baumber through starz.


We are currently working on a combined prayer for the whole school with ideas incorporated from every class. Thinking of our class  prayers and Vision Statement we need your ideas for an All Saints' prayer. You don't need to write out the prayer just their ideas -as all of the ideas will be put together and then combined .

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus 

Holy, holy, holy.  The Lord Almighty is holy.  His glory fills the world.  Isaiah 6:3 

We all strive to live holy lives at All Saints through 

“… love that is patient and kind” that “never gives up” 

enabling us to “Go out into the world, and love the people we meet.”  

(Saint Paul and Saint Teresa) 

  • The All Saints Inter-Church Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (registered number 8454781)