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Mr Crickwood is out of the classroom today. Please send your work to Miss Sutherland and Mrs Wakefield.

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English - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

See today's PowerPoint.
You will need your work from last Monday.

Mathematics - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

Today's number is 72.

Spr6.9.2 - What is volume?

Spr6.9.3 - Counting cubes

Reading - To be sent to a member of staff by 1 pm

Read chapter 40.

Create a movie poster for this chapter.

RE - To be sent to a member of staff by 3 pm

Previous weeks' work


Complete the attached reading comprehension and send me your answers.

Spr.6.1.1 - Decimals up to 2 d.p

Read chapter 3 of Holes.

Draw Stanley and around him write the 20 best words which you think describe him.

Look at the CAFOD Epiphany Powerpoint (you will need to set it so you can see the notes) and Matthew 2:1-12.

 Then answer the following questions.

1) What important things happened in the story?

2) Would you have done what the wise men did?

3) What would you bring to give to the baby Jesus?

Research task

Research how other people celebrate the Epiphany around the world. You could make a poster, a slideshow or a factsheet about what you have found out.


Look at the example newspaper report. Your task is to edit this report to make about Dr Crippen. Think about all of the information we know about Dr Crippen from the last two weeks.

Divide by 10 100 and 1000

Read chapter 9 of Holes and answer the following questions:

1) Do you think Stanley is happy with his nickname? What makes you think this? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
2) What do you  think your nickname would be?
1.What do you think Jesus wanted the people to understand from this miracle?
2.What do you think spiritual food is?
Can you give me 5 different examples?
Which of your spiritual foods would be the most filling and why?
3.Imagine you were there with the people who wanted to see Jesus the next day.
A) List the reasons why you wanted to see him.
B) What questions would you have wanted to ask him?
C) What answers do you think he would have given to you?
4.Jesus is the bread of life. Give examples of
a) some of our spiritual needs,
b) ways in which you think Jesus can satisfy them.


Extract from Evelyn Glennie’s ‘Good Vibrations’ Autobiography questions

  1. What is an extract?
  2. Where and when was Evelyn Glennie born?
  3. When did Evelyn Glennie decide she wanted to take up percussion?
  4. What instruments were inside the percussion room at her secondary school?
  5. Who was Evelyn Glennie’s music teacher?
  6. Why do you think Evelyn Glennie can remember his name?
  7. Why did Evelyn Glennie want to be a soloist?
  8. Which tense is this written in?
  9. Which person is this written in?
  10. If you could ask Evelyn Glennie a question, what question would you ask her and why?
  11. Find out 5 more facts about Evelyn Glennie using a laptop.

Spr6.2.4 - Decimals as fractions

Read chapter 15.

Draw the Warden. Around her include some words to describe her. Think of her physical appearance and how she acts.


Mountain Mystery Questions

  1. Why are Tenzig Norgay and Edmund Hillary famous?
  2. When did they achieve this feat?
  3. How many expeditions to Mount Everest did George Mallory take part in?
  4. Who were the Sherpa?
  5. What did the Sherpa do on the expedition?
  6. Why is it hard to move near the summit of Everest?
  7. What is ‘English Air’?
  8. What was Andrew Irvine’s job and why do you think he was asked to take part in the expedition?
  9. Why do you think Irvine agreed to join the expedition?
  10. When and where were Mallory and Irvine when they disappeared?
  11. How did they disappear?
  12. What will prove they reached the summit?
  13. Do you think that they reached the summit of Mount Everest? Why do you think this? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
  14. Imagine you are George Mallory. Write a diary entry the night before your final attempt to reach the summit. Focus on the emotions you might be feeling, your journey so far and your excitement for the next day.

Fractions to percentages

Read chapter 20.

Create an advert for the Warden’s nail polish.


Task: Write an obituary for George Mallory.


If you are unsure what an obituary is please look at the PowerPoint.

Spr6.4.3 - Percentage of an amount (2)

Chapter 26 is not a very nice chapter. It includes injustices towards characters based upon their race and there is violence towards them. If you would prefer to skip this chapter then please do so. Send me a message and I will give you the key plot points that will be relevant for the rest of the story.


Read chapter 26. 

  1. Why did no child show up for school?
  2. Why did Miss Katherine think it was Saturday?
  3. Who do you think Trout Walker is?
  4. What does Trout mean when he says Miss Katherine has been poisoning the children’s brains with books?
  5. Should Sam have left Mary Lou behind?
  6. Why is there no lake at Green Lake?
  7. Why did Miss Katherine become an outlaw?
1.What do you think the word Covenant means?
2.At the Last Supper, what did Jesus do for us and how do we know?
3.What is Jesus asking us to do?
4.Give 3 examples of how we can enter into this New Covenant with Him.
5.How can we live out this New Covenant in daily life?


Create an art piece of the Last Supper. Around your art piece include the words of the New Commandment (Jn 13:34) and your explanation of how to live this Commandment and why it is important to do so.


Spr6.7.3 - Calculate with metric measures

Read chapter 31

  1. Why was Stanley angry at himself?
  2. Why do you think the other boys made Stanley dig Zero’s hole?
  3. Why was Stanley afraid of going after Zero?
  4. Why was one of the counsellors guarding the spigot?
  5. Where do you think Mr Pendanski’s black eyes and injured nose came from?
  6. Why are the adults questioning Stanley about Zero? What might they be worried about?
  7. What do you think ‘ward of the state’ means?
  8. What do you think of the adults plan?

Your task:

1. In your neatest handwriting copy out the words of ‘ I confess’.
2. Highlight the sections of the Bible needed for question 1a.
3. Complete questions 1a), 1b), 2a) and 2b)
4. Why do you think Catholics stand for the reading of the Gospel?
5. What is the liturgy of the Word?
6. Learn the ‘I confess’ by heart so that you can memorise it. You may want to do this as a song, a poem or another method which helps you to remember it. Send staff in school a recording of you retelling the ‘I confess’ by memory.


Read chapter 35.

  1. What is sploosh? How do you know?
  2. Why do you think Barf Bag stepped on a rattlesnake on purpose?
  3. Draw Stanley and Zero from this chapter. Choose 20 description words for each and write these around the boys.

Spr6.8.2 - Area and perimeter

See today's PowerPoint for this week's Lent Challenge.

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