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WB 27th April

More about caterpillars and butterflies!


This week I would like to keep you updated on how our quickly our caterpillars are growing! I will post pictures on here and send you some videos on Starz+ explaining the changes we have observed. This week why not try to paint a butterfly with symmetrical wings? Draw a picture of a butterfly, paint one side and then fold the paper over- what do you notice


We are also going to find out about ladybirds! Did you know that a ladybird is a type of beetle?


I am going to base some learning around three texts.

These are:

  • The lazy ladybird written by Isobel Finn and Jack Tickle,
  •  The bad tempered ladybird written by Eric Carle 
  •  What the Ladybird heard written by Julia Donaldson. 

Again I have attached links to these stories in case you do not have these texts at home. 


As you read the stories, ask your child what they know about ladybirds. Is there anything they want to find out about ladybirds? Draw attention to the author Eric Carle who wrote The lazy Ladybird- are there any similarities in the story to that of The hungry caterpillar? As you read, What the ladybird heard, give your child some farm animals and ask them to make the noises of the animals as you read. 

I have written a list of questions you may wish to explore with your child over the week, each time you read a text.

  1. Why doesn’t the ladybird say anything at the beginning of the story?
  2. What sound do you think a ladybird makes?
  3. Do you think that the ladybird would have found out about the robbers’ plan if she had been making lots of noise?
  4. Is it a good thing to be quiet?
  5. Is it possible to be too quiet?
  6. What would it be like if you were quiet all the time?
  7. Why does the ladybird decide to speak up?
  8. Making the wrong noises confuses the robbers and foils their plan, so is being noisy a good thing?
  9. What would have happened if the ladybird had stayed silent?
  10. Is it important to speak up?

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