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WB 20th April



This week I would like you to read two story books- The hungry caterpillar written by Erica Carle and Monkey puzzle written by Julia Donaldson. I have attached links to these book in case you do not have these at home. 


Over the next couple of weeks we are going to explore the life cycle of a caterpillar and learn about other minibeasts too!

I hope to have a special delivery arrive soon so keep checking Starz+ so I can share this with you all when they arrive!


I have uploaded some work which you may wish to carry out. Dip in and out as you please.

Each week please remember to revise the following:


Letters sounds


Tricky words learnt so far

number recognition up to 20 if possible

one more and less than numbers up to 20.

Ordering of numbers 0-20


Have fun!

Join Jess on her minibeast adventure where she finds out all about caterpillars!


As you read monkey puzzle you may wish to draw attention to butterflies’ babies and how they do not look the same as her.  Discuss other animals and whether their babies look the same as their mummy- cows, cats, frogs etc  Discuss how we all change over time. You may wish to get some baby photographs out of you as a baby or your child as a baby and discuss the change over time.


When reading The very hungry caterpillar draw attention to how the caterpillars change over time. Can you encourage your child to retell the story using story language such as one day, Then, next, a little while later…

Can your child tell you what happened in the story? Would it be easier with pictures to help? Can they draw a story map- I have uploaded a simple version which you can replicate at home.

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