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Tuesday 5.1.21

Work for Tuesday 5th January. Mrs Wordsmith. Draw the picture for wholesome. Write 3 sentences using the words or your own ideas. Please send us your work on starz or by school email if you can.
English work for Tuesday 5th January. Here is a text called the Red Room. It is the start of our work on mystery and suspense stories. Read the text and then answer the questions with full sentences. There are 8 questions and then one final extension question which you should answer if you can. Please use neat handwriting and check spellings carefully. Take a photo of your work and please send to me this morning if you can. Please put your name and date on your work..
Maths work for Tuesday 5th January. Look at the slides if you can then try the worksheet. The answers are also sent - maybe ask a parent or older sibling to mark them for you. You do not need to send us this work back today.

Afternoon work for Tuesday 5th Jan.


Science - Introduction to Forces.


Look at the following website if you can - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvpp34j/articles/zywcrdm



Read all about forces and look at the video. Use this to answer the questions.


Answer the questions

1. What is a force?

2. What is a balanced force?

3.What are unbalanced forces?


Now at the bottom of the page is an option to look at What makes a force? Look at Seymour Science Video.

Now answer the questions-

4. What 3 things can make a force.

5. What animal was on the skateboard?

6. How do you open a bottle.


Now watch some of the force clips - at least 2 . Tell me something you learn from each clip.


Present your answers how you wish - powerpoint . poster , page of information - include pictures. Send back to Mrs Baumber.

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