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Tuesday 2nd March

Mrs Wordsmith - polluted. Think about a polluted river. Write a list of 8 things you might find in this river. Two ideas might be - An old worn out boot , a broken umbrella.



Today we are going to write our Lockdown Raps!


Look at your planning from yesterday, using your top 5 ideas create a rap inspired by your experienced during the lockdown(s). 


Your rap needs to include: 

  • At least five rhyming couplets.
  • At least one simile.
  • A steady rhythm, created using short sentences.
  • Repetition of words, sentences or verses. 

Your rap should be at least 10 lines long.


Before sending your work to Miss Johnson, use the grid below to check you have included all the required elements. 


We cannot wait to see your work!

Here is the grid for the things to include in your Rap.

Genre –  Raps



Success Criteria-

My self- Assessment


Date –Tuesday 2nd March

Reference to lockdown.

(Things that did not happen all the time before) 




Rhyming couplets

( at the end of the line)





Short sentences each on own line.


At least one simile.


Repetition lines

( words or verses are repeated)


Can you crack the code? Warm up for Maths with this code to solve....Send the answer to Miss Johnson

Look at the powerpoint from yesterday if you need to remind yourself how to subtract decimals.Subtract decimals sheet.

Answer sheet - to mark at home

Computing today-


You may need to finish off the work from last week - you can look back at the website to check you did it all. There were 10 questions about he census then you had to make a graph of how many times names came up in the census.


If you have finished the job above - Author Powerpoint


Make a powerpoint presentation. Each slide should have the name of the author  and their picture, the title of some of their well known books and picture of the plots of characters.


The authors you need to use are-


Lewis Carroll

David Walliams

Roald Dahl

Michael Morpurgo

Jacqueline Wilson

Philip Pullman

Anne Fine

Cressida Cowell


Choose 2 other authors you like if you have time





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