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Tuesday 23.2.21

Here is a Mrs Wordsmith heartbreak story written by Akvile - I hope you enjoy it!

Here is an extract from a book with our word today in it. Your task is to copy this extract in your very best joined handwriting.Keep letters the correct size and check spelling carefully.

Stagnant extract to print out if needed.


Above is the word cloud you created yesterday! It's great to see everyone's feedback. 


Poets take inspiration from the world around them. In the poems we have looked as so far, the poets have used their personal memories as a theme for their work. Michael Rosen wrote about his childhood, Karl Nova wrote about the MC which influenced his work and Tony Mitton wrote about his aspirations.


Today we are going to look at two more raps by Karl Nova and start to think about the inspiration, whether it be a person, place or thing, we have all around us.


Task A

We are focusing on the poems "For You" and "The City of my Birth" by Karl Nova. Copies of the poem are in the word document below. Read each poem and then watch the poet perform them. 



After you watched the poems, answer the questions on the sheet below. Sentence starters have been included in red. Please make sure you answer in full sentences, providing detailed answers to each question.


Task B

Please tell us what you thought about the poem and any people, places or things you would write about in your poems. Use the link below:


Passcode: 64 52 53 5


Please send your work to Miss Johnson. 


Make a fortune teller to help you change frations into decimals and percentages.

Maths Activity - Can you cut these cards out and match up the fractions with the equivalent decimals? If you have matched them all you coud make some of your own. You could try to play pairs where you face all the cards down and try to turn over the 2 cards that are equivalent.Send photo of your maths work today to Miss Johnson.

Task -Look at the census data for March 1841. A census gives a picture about the people and the jobs they did at that time.

Now download this word document and fill in the answers on your computer or print it out and handwrite. There are 10 questions and a graph to make.

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