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Tuesday 19.1.21

For the word plunge - write 3 sentences of your own.

Ideas about Road's End.


Today I would like you to think of some different ideas for the following questions. Come up with between 2 and 5 ideas for each. Record as sentences and/or pictures. You can be as imaginative as you want.


1. What has happened to the man in the scarf before to make him want to make cars crash all the time?


2. Why does he look at his watch when he gets in the car?


3. Why does the man in the scarf not speak?


4. Where did the driver come from and where was he going?


5. What actually happens in those goggles?


6. Is this the same car that keeps coming and keeps crashing?


7. Do the police or anyone else ever find out what is happening? If so what do they do?


8.Will this cycle of waiting and crashing cars ever end for the scarf man - if so when?

Worksheet to print out to record your ideas on if you wish - you may do them on your own paper if you prefer.

Mental Maths - Time Questions to prepare for test Thursday - send answers to Miss Johnson.

Remember to record the units - minutes , seconds etc.


1. How many minutes in 5 hours?

2. How many seconds in 4 minutes?

3. How many minutes in 2.5 hours?

4.How many days in 7 weeks?

5. If it is 9.30 am how long until lunch at 12?

6. If school starts at 9 and we work until 3 how many hours are we working for?

7. If a train leaves at 7.45 and arrives at 8.20 how long did it take?

8.If lunch starts at 12.05 and lasts for 50 minutes when does it finish?

9.How many days in 3 years if none of these years are leap years?
10.If I run a marathon and start at 14.30 and finish at 17.23 how long did it take me?

Time questions on word document

ICT / History for the afternoon. Either fill in the sheet or create your own presentation where you answer the questions on the computer if you have access to one

Here is the powerpoint if you are unable to access it.

Horrible Histories - Victorian Work Song

Poor Victorian kids had a fate worse than school. Here they sing about work, terrible work!

Sing along!

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