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Tuesday 12.01.21

Timeline of Victorians

Afternoon work - either on computer of drawn by hand - Make a Victorian timeline.

Choose at least 6 of these important events from the Victorian times.

Find your own picture on the internet or draw one for each event and place in time order on a timeline.

Return finished work to Miss Johnson.

Events for timeline.

Work for Tuesday 12th Jan.


Mrs Wordsmith – the word is immerse.

Write 2 sentences using the word pairs or synonyms and immerse.

Immerse is a wet word. Can you think of 10 other wet words linked to water or being wet?


English. Road's End Storyboard.


We are going to watch an animated version of Road’s End – the text we read yesterday.



Take a clean piece of paper. Divide this into 6 or 8 equal squares or rectangles. In each space draw a part of the story. You could do this by stopping the clip in 6 or 8 different places and drawing what is on the screen. Try to include the important events in the story. Give it a title and put your name on your work. Add some colour in your work. You do not need to write any words – your pictures should tell the story.


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