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Miss Sutherland is teaching on Tuesdays. Please send your work to Miss Sutherland and Mrs Wakefield.

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Around the hope tree write things that you have hope for.

English - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

Mathematics - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

On Tuesdays, we are going to be practicing our key arithmetic skills.

Reading - To be sent to a member of staff by 1 pm

Read chapter 38 and 39.

  1. What do you think the foul odour is?
  2. Why do you think Stanley wanted to reach the thumb?
  3. Why was it important for Stanley to find mud?
  4. Was it really a hit fudge sundae Stanley fed Zero?
  5. Where do you think this item of food might have come from and which other character does it relate to?
  6. If you were Stanley would you drink the brown water? Explain your answer.
  7. Why is what happens at the end of chapter 39 important based on what we already know from the story?

Geography - To be sent to a member of staff by 3 pm

Previous weeks' work


Our new English Topic is Newspaper reports. Your task today is to complete a Blue piece of writing. Your newspaper report can be about anything that interests you: current events; a story that you have read or are reading; something that happened in the past or you could make up a fictional event - like the Mystery of Who stole Mr Crickwood's Pizza,

Read chapters 1 and 2 (Chapter 2 is very short!). What impression do you get of Camp Green Lake? Would you want to go there? Why/Why not?

Create a drawing of Camp Green Lake based off of chapter 1 and 2 to show what it is like and label your creation.



Using the PowerPoint to help you, create 3 quotes for each of the following people:


Dr. Crippen               The person who sold Crippen the poison

CI Dew                     The captain of the SS Montrose

Belle Elmore             Mr Nash

Ethel Le Neve          Mrs Nash



Read chapter 8 of Holes and create a fact file for the Yellow Spotted Lizards.


Read chapter 14.

What impression do you get of the Warden from this chapter? Fully explain your answer?

Would you like to work at Camp Green Lake? Explain your choice.


Read chapter 19.

Why do you think Stanley took the blame for the seeds and what do you think will happen to him?


Read chapter 25.

  1. Why do you think the people of Green Lake would go to the onion man when they were sick?
  2. Who is Mary Lou and what is special about her?
  3. What does the word concoction mean?
  4. How do you know that Doc Hawthorn thought Sam’s onion medicine might work?
  5. Make a list of all of the jobs Sam has done for Miss Katherine.
  6. Create an advert for Sam’s onions.
  7. Why do you think Hattie Parker pointed at Sam and Katherine and whispered, “God will punish you!”?


Read chapter 30

  1. Why does Zigzag get to sleep in?
  2. Why do you think Stanley doesn’t know if it is July 8th?
  3. Why do you think 46 days felt more like a thousand days?
  4. Why were the boys surprised at Mr Sir giving Zigzag a carton of juice? Why do you think he did it?
  5. Was the forty-fifth hole the hardest?
  6. Why could Stanley not see God’s thumb?
  7. Did Zigzag really want to dig Stanley’s hole?
  8. Why did Stanley go to the front of the line?
  9. Why do you think Mr Pendanski fired his pistol?
  10. Why do the adults stop Stanley from teaching Zero to read?
  11. Where do you think Zero has gone and why?

Read chapter 34.

  1. Why did Stanley think that it seemed pointless to continue?
  2. Why didn’t Stanley fill up his canteen at the pool?
  3. Why was Stanley encouraged by the mountain?
  4. Whose boat did Stanley find and how do you know?
  5. What is in the tunnel and how do you know?

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