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PE- We will be following some of the Oak gymnastic lessons. Parents at home please read the important safety information prior to the lessons. 


Geography - we are carrying on our Ocean lessons. 


Music - we have finished our rhythm lessons and you have all be fab. We will now be moving onto using our voices with our pitch lessons. 


Science - We will be looking at habitats this week. Follow the Oak lesson and then we will be going on a walk around school to see if we can see any animals in there habitats. Remember if you see an animal in it's habitat don't disturb it. 


ICT - we are carrying on with our coding lessons. Also while you are on your tablet/phone or lap top why not send one of your friends a message on Starz. 


RE - We will be looking at the story of Jairus daughter watch the video and then we are going to practise telling the story through drama. 


DT - We will be exploring where our food comes from. We will watch the video and then draw pictures of food such as milk and then draw where it comes from. 

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