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Monday - We will do our PE we will be carrying on with our dance unit. 

In the afternoon we will do our next Geography lesson on oceans looking at why they are so important. 


Tuesday - We will be carrying on with our music lessons from Oak. I know lots of your have been doing a great job with your rhythm. 


Wednesday - We are doing a great job with our animal learning. This week we will be comparing mammals and birds. 

We will be following a lesson from Oak this week. 


Thursday - ICT we will be carrying on looking at algorithms by practising our coding skills. 


Friday we will do our RE lesson we will look again at the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. We will use this to think about how we can help others. We will also do our PHSE lesson on why it's good to be you! I've put your favourite song on the PHSE page. 

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