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Are you ready to go deep deep down under the water and into the sea. 


Our topic is life on water we will be looking at continents and oceans. 


You will find all the links for our lessons here on this page. 


Geography lesson 1 the children will be able to: 

- name the world's five oceans. 

-say how many continents are. 

-name the continents. 

- write on a map where the world's oceans and continents are. 

- order the world's oceans from smallest to largest. 



-I can remember what makes something a living thing. 

- I can talk about the different foods living things eat. 


ICT lesson 1: 

-I can practise some typing skills.


Music lesson 2: 




- I can talk about what happened in the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. 

I can use words: Jesus, disciples, God.



- Working together I can talk about what it means to be part of a team. 

_ I can talk about why it's good to work together. 




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