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Thursday - Science 

We will be looking at the effects of exercise. Look through the power point and then complete the activity sheet. 

If you can't print the sheet you could make your own grid and write down the names of the exercises you tried. 

Friday whole school day looking at Walsingham 

We will be having a whole school event looking at Walsingham and why it is such an important place.


Walsingham is a place in Norfolk, it is a very special for Catholics. Lots of people visit it every year and this is called a pilgrimage.

It is special because a long time ago a person called Lady Richeldis had a vision of Our Lady Mary (who is the mother of Jesus). Mary told her where to build a special house. The workmen struggled to build the house so Lady Richeldis prayed. The next day she woke up and the house had been built by a spring of water. It was believed this had been done with the help of Mary and the angels.


You can see the story on the link below and see the shrine. 

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