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Introducing capacity




We are writing the beginning of  an alternative traditional tale based on the three little pigs. e.g three little cats and a big bad dog.  



Still life drawing of fruit 





We started to write our own alternative traditional tale. Mrs Lamy wrote about The Three Little Cats and the Big Bad Dog. 

We've described our characters and now need to write the next part building the houses. 


Think about the Three Little Pigs - what did they build their houses out of? 

- What would your animal build its house out of straw? hay? bricks? sticks? 

Don't forget your adjectives to describe the houses. 


When you have finished your writing check back through: full stops, capitals, phonics. 


Word bank: houses  built little. 



We will be doing an experiment measuring sugar in different food products. 


You can choose you own products or Mrs Lamy will be up-loading pictures this afternoon of the products she measured. 


We will then record by drawing or writing what products we looked at and which one had the most sugar!


You will need: 

products or photos from the class ones. 




Science pics

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