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Thursday 14.01.21

Maths test for today - send sheet or answers to Miss Johnson. Do not forget Area is measured in the unit squares.

Thursday 14th January


Spelling test then maths test. Return maths test to Miss Johnson please for marking.


English – Road’s End Descriptions.


Take one page or piece of paper for each of the following-

  1. The strange man in the scarf.
  2. The driver
  3. The setting – the desert and mountains.


Draw or stick a picture for each of the above in the middle of the page. Then use the text or the animated film to find at least 8 descriptions or ideas about their actions or personalities about each man. You could also use the Mrs Wordsmith words provided or some you know yourself. Record these neatly around the picture.

Mrs Wordsmith words for Road's End work today on characters and settings.

Here is an example of how you could set out your work today.

Thursday afternoon.


PE - if it is not wet then you could get outside. If it is wet you might be able to do a dance workout at home.


Also a chance to catch up or finish anything that you have not had chance to this week.

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