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Click the link below to see this week's Ten Ten prayers and assembly.

English - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

Mathematics - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

Reading - To be sent to a member of staff by 1 pm

Read chapter 41.

Create a new front cover and blurb for Holes.

Art - To be sent to a member of staff by 3pm

See today's PowerPoint for your task.

PE - To be sent to a member of staff by 3 pm

Staying active is even more important during a Lockdown. Below are some suggestions of activities that you could do. Send me a message to tell me what you have been up to this week.

PE With Joe

2021 Kickstarter Workout - The Body Coach TV

Abs Workout Challenge

Just dance 2019 - 30 minute of dance

Back To School: Yoga Club (Week 6) | Cosmic Kids

Previous weeks' work


We are going to continue looking at Crippen Hanged. Our task today is to put the events into chronological (time) order.

Task: Create a timeline for Dr Crippen’s crime.

Key Dates:

23/11/1910               1/2/1910                       20/7/1910

1862                           12/3/1910                 16/7/1910

1890                           26/3/1910

17/1/1910                  End of June 1910

31/1/1910                 11/7/1910

                         1/9/1892- Married Belle Elmore


Read chapters 4 and 5

Task: Imagine you are Stanley. Write a letter home to your parents about how Camp Green Lake has been so far. Remember Stanley expected there to be a lake and plants.


Use the attached planning sheet to help you plan your own newspaper article on Dr. Crippen. You may want to do some research using the internet to help you.

Read Chapter 10 of Holes.

What do you think the Warden is looking for and why is she looking for it? What clues in the story so far make you think this?

Multiply decimals by integers


Evelyn Glennie- A short Biography questions

  1. Where and when was Evelyn Glennie born?
  2. How many siblings did she have?
  3. What did she inherit from her parents?
  4. Where did her family live as she was growing up?
  5. What was the name of Evelyn’s Primary school?
  6. Where percussion instruments the first ones Evelyn played?
  7. What does the word daunt mean?
  8. Was Evelyn deaf at birth?
  9. What was special about the 1989 Promenade concert?
  10. Does Evelyn only play one kind of percussion music?
  11. What do you think about the life she has led?
  12. What is the same and what is different to Evelyn Glennie’s ‘Good Vibrations’ Autobiography?

Spr6.2.5 - Fractions to decimals (1)

Read chapter 16.

Imagine that you are Stanley. Respond to your parents’ letter.


For your fluency today, I would like you to go onto Prodigy (you can get to it through the Useful Links page) and practice some of your Math skills. 

Your task for today is to research George Mallory. Create a spider diagram of your findings and answer the key questions below:

1.When and where was George Mallory born?
2.What where his parents’ names and what did they do?
3.Did he have any siblings?
4.When and where did he go to school?
5.When did he first get into mountain climbing?
6.Who inspired Mallory to try mountain climbing?
7.Did he get married? If yes then to whom and when.
8.Did Mallory have any children and what where their names?

Spr6.3.5 - Equivalent FDP

Read chapter 21 and 22.

  1. What clues are there to who dug Stanley’s hole?
  2. Why might Mr Sir not dying be unfortunate for Stanley?
  3. Why did Stanley thank the rattlesnake?
  4. What does KB stand for?
  5. Imagine you are Stanley. Create a lesson plan to teach Zero his letters.
Look at today's PowerPoint. Draw and colour at least 7 different animals eyes as carefully as you can. Try to include as much detail as possible looking at the shapes and colours involved.


Captain Sir Tom Moore

As you might be aware, Captain Sir Tom Moore has unfortunately passed away. To celebrate this amazing gentleman, we are going to try to complete 100 laps in school to match those competed by Captain Sir Moore. Additionally, I have attached the above pack for you to work through with some work related to this wonderful man.


As a former member of the British Armed forces - having served in the Second World War - if you wanted to make some art work based off of the Union flag/Jack then we will look forward to seeing your amazing artwork.

Using all of the work you have done so far, plan a biography for George Mallory using the planning grid below.

Spr6.4.4 - Percentages - missing values

Read chapter 27

  1. Why was it fortunate for Stanley that Mr Pendanski delivered the water more than Mr Sir?
  2. Why do X-Ray and Armpit think it is not right for Zero to help Stanley?
  3. Do you agree with them? Why?
  4. Why did Stanley pour his water away?
  5. What do you think Mr Sir did to Stanley’s water?
  6. Why did watching Zero write Zero make Stanley sad?
  7. What is Zero’s real name and why is it important to the story? With this revelation what do you think is going to happen next?
Draw and colour at least 7 different animals eyes as carefully as you can. Try to include as much detail as possible looking at the shapes, shadows, texture and colours involved in and around the eye.


In school, we are working towards creating an All Saints school prayer. We need to gather ideas from every year group. Using the document below, record your ideas on what you think we should include in an All Saints prayer.

I want you to write a poem about this lockdown. 

Our title is Views of lockdown. Each of your poems will be very different as you all have had a different experience of lockdown this time. Your poem needs to be between 10 lines and 30 lines long.

What we need to think about:

Rhyming pattern. Which lines of our poem will rhyme? We can use https://www.rhymezone.com/ to help us.
What message do we want to give across with our poem? Is it a positive or negative vibe?
What imagery do we want to include? Will we use metaphors, similes and personification?

Spr6.7.4 - Miles and kilometres

Read chapter 32

  1. Who is the new child, what is his nickname and why did he get it?
  2. Why was he arrested?
  3. Why do you think Stanley’s cot no longer smelt bad?
  4. What do you think happened to Zero?
  5. What do you think Brian thinks of Camp Green Lake?
  6. Why did Stanley’s fingers start to twitch?
  7. Why did Stanley run and where do you think he is going to?
  8. Was Stanley right to run? Explain why you think this.
Create an eye shape using some form of modelling compound. Focus on the textures and shapes of the eye.
Some modelling compounds you could use include: clay (which we will be using in school), fondant icing, play-doh or recyclable materials.
If you prefer to work online you could use Paint 3D (on a Windows device) or go to: https://www.3dslash.net/slash.php?alias=new to make a 3D model.

Spr6.8.3 - Area of a triangle (1)

Read chapter 36.

  1. Why was Zero not worried about Stanley being unlucky?
  2. What do you think is wrong with Zero and why?
  3. How wrong out of 100 are Stanley and Zero about Mary Lou? Explain your answer.
  4. Why was Zero using a shovel as a third leg?
  5. Why did the spelling help Zero?
  6. What worried Stanley the most?
  7. What do you think is at the top of the big thumb?
  8. Zero sucked up his own blood. What does this tell you about how desperate the boys were?

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