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English - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

Evelyn Glennie- A short Biography questions

  1. Where and when was Evelyn Glennie born?
  2. How many siblings did she have?
  3. What did she inherit from her parents?
  4. Where did her family live as she was growing up?
  5. What was the name of Evelyn’s Primary school?
  6. Where percussion instruments the first ones Evelyn played?
  7. What does the word daunt mean?
  8. Was Evelyn deaf at birth?
  9. What was special about the 1989 Promenade concert?
  10. Does Evelyn only play one kind of percussion music?
  11. What do you think about the life she has led?
  12. What is the same and what is different to Evelyn Glennie’s ‘Good Vibrations’ Autobiography?

Mathematics - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

Spr6.2.5 - Fractions to decimals (1)

Reading - To be sent to a member of staff by 1 pm

Read chapter 16.

Imagine that you are Stanley. Respond to your parents’ letter.

PE - To be sent to a member of staff by 3 pm

Staying active is even more important during a Lockdown. Below are some suggestions of activities that you could do. Send me a message to tell me what you have been up to this week.

PE With Joe

2021 Kickstarter Workout - The Body Coach TV

Abs Workout Challenge

Just dance 2019 - 30 minute of dance

Back To School: Yoga Club (Week 6) | Cosmic Kids

Previous weeks' work


We are going to continue looking at Crippen Hanged. Our task today is to put the events into chronological (time) order.

Task: Create a timeline for Dr Crippen’s crime.

Key Dates:

23/11/1910               1/2/1910                       20/7/1910

1862                           12/3/1910                 16/7/1910

1890                           26/3/1910

17/1/1910                  End of June 1910

31/1/1910                 11/7/1910

                         1/9/1892- Married Belle Elmore


Read chapters 4 and 5

Task: Imagine you are Stanley. Write a letter home to your parents about how Camp Green Lake has been so far. Remember Stanley expected there to be a lake and plants.


Use the attached planning sheet to help you plan your own newspaper article on Dr. Crippen. You may want to do some research using the internet to help you.

Read Chapter 10 of Holes.

What do you think the Warden is looking for and why is she looking for it? What clues in the story so far make you think this?

Multiply decimals by integers

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