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Our weekly Spelling test is on a Thursday.

Spellings due: 14/11/18

adaptation, habitat, environment, interdependent, species, mammals, features, ibex, survive, camouflaged, climate, tropical, nocturnal, carnivore, herbivore, adapted, monsoon, llama, polar bear and camel


Spellings due: 21/11/18

dance, fence, silence, commence, audience, ambulance, defence, glance, balance, violence, distance, advance, absence, chance, entrance, enhance, difference, recommence, elegance and performance


Spellings due: 28/11/18

chord, chemist, chaos, choir, Christmas, anchor,  orchestra, echo, scheme, mechanic, architect, stomach, school, monarch, Christian, ache, chorus, chromosome, character and chaotic


Spellings due: 5/12/18

edge, badger, ledge, nudge, fridge, trudge, wedge, midge, bridge, fudge, sledge, dodge, judge, dodgem, smudge, hedge, grudge, misjudge, hedgehog and porridge


Spellings due: 12/12/18

popular, calendar, collar, dollar, cellar, polar, hangar, similar, appear, peculiar, scholar, regular, familiar, circular, burglar, nectar, agar, alarm, cardigan and rehearsal



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