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Spelling List B

Year 6 Spelling list B – AUTUMN 1


Year 6 Spelling Week 1 –cious and –tious                     Tested: 17/9/2019

splattered, ambush, oppressive, conscious, precious, suspicious, ambitious, cautious, infectious, and anxious


Year 6 Spelling Week 2 –cial and -tial                        Tested: 24/9/2019

fragrance, conquer, perspire, social, special, official, artificial,  essential, initial, and martial


Year 6 Spelling Week 3 –ant and -ent                         Tested: 1/10/2019

repulsive, suffocating, brisk, brilliant, significant, relevant, moment, present, student and agent


Year 6 Spelling Week 4 -ent                                   Tested: 8/10/2019

humble, excruciating, numbing, experiment, excellent, equivalent, sufficient, ancient, silent and decent


Year 6 Spelling Week 5 –ance and -ence                     Tested: 15/10/2019

expressive, penetrating, incessant, balance, distance, appearance, ambulance, difference, science and sentence


Year 6 Spelling Week 6 –ancy, -ency and ough               Tested: 22/10/2019

impeccable, ominous, infancy, agency, emergency, currency, tough,  though, through and thorough


Year 6 Spelling Week 7 –ought, -aught and adding suffixes to –fer words Tested: 5/11/2019

Shrewd, charge, blustery, bought, thought, taught, caught, differed, differing and offering


Spellings due: 12/11/20

adaptation, habitat, environment, interdependent, species, mammals, features, shrewd, charge, blustery

Challenge word: somnambulistically


Spellings due: 19/11/20

dance, fence, silence, commence, audience, ambulance, defence, bombard, persevere, introverted

Challenge word: mesembryanthemum


Spellings due: 26/11/20

chord, chemist, chaos, choir, Christmas, anchor,  orchestra, scrutinise, searing, stifling

Challenge word: parachronism


Spellings due: 3/12/20

edge, badger, ledge, nudge, fridge, trudge, wedge, pampered, drab, clammy

Challenge word: pneumatophore


Spellings due: 10/12/20

popular, calendar, collar, dollar, cellar, polar, hangar, drowsy, startled, flabbergasted

Challenge word: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis


Spellings due: 17/12/20

10 words from our Autumn term spelling list.


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