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Can you show the life cycle of a frog? What does it start it's life as?


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There are lots of different animals in the story Oi Frog. 

Normally they would live in lots of different places, their own habitats. 

  • Draw a picture of one or two animals in their habitats.
  • Find out some information about the habitat and make a fact book about them.

We can sort animals into groups. 

Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Fish, Insects.

  • Which group would frogs come into?
  • Put some of the other animals from the story into their animal groups. 
  • If you have a pet, which group are they in?

We can also group animals by what they eat. 

Carnivore - eats meat

Herbivore - eats plants

Omnivore - eats meat and plants.


What is a frog?

Can you sort the other animals by what they eat?


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