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This week we will be looking at how we can group animals. 


What makes a bird a bird? How do we tell if something is a mammal? 


Watch the little clips on the BBC website - link below have a look at the pictures and the animal group names can you decide which group they would go in. (You don't have to print the picture we will just talk about them). 


Now we are going to some field work!! 

You will need the power point - observing animals see website. 

Pencil and paper 

an adult if going on a walk. 


Go through the power point observing animals. 


For the last part it talks about observing animals around school - you could see what animals you can observe on your walk? Or in your garden. Remember if you observe animals outside you will need your grown up with you. 

Draw the animals you can see on your paper, their name, where you saw it and its animal group name. 

For example: pigeon, sky, bird. 


Adventure is out there! 

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