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School Priorities

Priorities for School Development 2022-23

Coherence, Curriculum, Community


Priority 1 - Improve the effectiveness of leadership at all levels

  • Ensure the school staffing structure is fit for purpose and offers ‘best value’
  • Ensure leadership across the curriculum provides support and guidance to ensure consistently high expectations
  • Develop governance and subject leadership capacity in school to effectively monitor and evaluate
  • Review, audit and update all performance management processes to ensure they are timely and have impact on school improvement. 
  • Re-establish parental engagement & Improve engagement of all stakeholders
  • Ensure Academy compliance in all areas in line with the Academy Handbook


Priority 2 - Improve the quality of the curriculum and assessment arrangements                                                     

  • Ensure the curriculum meets the needs of learners and provides sufficient challenge for all learners particularly the most able and the most vulnerable
  • Ensure accurate judgements of children’s attainment & progress are aligned to the curriculum and inform planning and interventions
  • Improve the Quality of teaching through evidence led structure and practice
  • Strengthen staff understanding of barriers to learning for pupils and develop strategies to meet individual need with particular focus on Pupil Premium pupils.
  • Develop a reading policy that promotes a culture of Reading for Pleasure throughout the whole school family


Priority 3 – Embed a whole school approach to developing children’s behaviour and attitudes to learning

  • Ensure that the Cambridgeshire Steps approach is understood by all staff and becomes a lived reality in the school family
  • Ensure pupil voice is ‘heard’ and influences the development of the school family.


  • The All Saints Inter-Church Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (registered number 8454781)