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Welcome to the Reception page for 2018-2019

Throughout Reception everyone works hard to develop each child's capacity to learn, helping them to make good progress and develop excellent attitudes. At All Saints Inter-Church Academy we believe that children learn best through play and by leading their own learning by following their own ideas and interests. We want children to become confident, independent learners and we encourage and guide children in using their own initiative to help solve problems which may occur in every day life. Children learn an astonishing amount in their early years and we ensure we focus on how children learn alongside what they learn.


To enable us to have a deeper understanding of your child’s interests and ability, we do ask you to keep us informed of any milestones or activities which you and your child are proud of that may have happened at home. 'Proud Clouds' are regularly put in your child’s book bag for you to complete.


Please scroll to the bottom of the page for curriculum information, including details of characteristics of effective learning, letters and curriculum fliers. 

Making our Outdoor Learning Area even better!

Over the Summer holidays we have been busy transforming the outdoor area to enable our children to have even better learning opportunities.  We installed a new maths resources shed, a new sand and water shed- both allow the children to develop their own child initiated learning further. We also installed a new sand pit, stone kitchen and extra storage to make the area look more appealing and child friendly.  Take a look at the transformation! 

Learning through play

In Reception we love to use our imagination! We change our role play area frequently- space, fantasy and Chinese restaurants are a few. We are also great at constructing and making, whether that be on a large scale or a small scale. We explore, investigate and have fun while we do it. 


As part of out 'superhero' topic, we were lucky enough to meet Kez, an eleven month old guide dog. 

We discussed how people and animals around us can also help- learning that superheroes don't have to wear a costume and have magic powers!

Soon we will be visiting the local police station in March! How exciting!

The Three Little Pigs


After reading the story of the 'Three Little Pigs' we decided to make new houses for the little pigs.

First we tried to make houses using sticks and peas. Our aim was to make the houses strong enough so that the big bad wolf would not be able to blow them down. (For this we used a hairdryer!)

Afterwards we made houses using Lego, wooden blocks and Duplo. Our aim was to investigate which materials were waterproof so that we could help keep the pigs dry throughout Winter. 

We're going on a bear hunt

Reception children were joined by parents and carers today as they worked together to create Bear protection houses. 

Curriculum information

In Early Years, we observe each characteristic of learning and encourage children to develop their learning skills and techniques which in turn helps them become the best learners they can be. Further details on the characteristics of learning can be found below.


The Early Years curriculum is split into 7 areas. These are further split into Prime and Specific Areas. Children need to achieve the Early Learning Goals in all Prime Areas and in Literacy and Mathematics to achieve a Good Level of Development by the end of Reception. These areas are as follows:


Prime Areas

Personal, social and emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development


Specific Areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design.


The documents below give an outline of what children are expected to achieve at each age band. Achievement is split into 22-26 months, 30-50 months, 40-60 months. Throughout Reception, children will be assessed against the development matters statements which are found in each age band. At the end of Reception children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals.



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