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8 April

John 20:19-31

We Are Believers

It is the first week after Easter, and so it’s time to catch up with the Gospel story and find out what happened to Jesus after He rose from the dead! This assembly reminds children that during Eastertide we are called to grow in friendship with Jesus, believe in Him and tell others about the Resurrection.

He’s Alive

Featuring praying with music and song
Eastertide is a season of celebration. This week’s prayers help children to grasp more deeply the reality and joy that Christ is alive now and has risen from the dead.

15 April

Luke 24:35-48

We Are Witnesses

Believing the facts is hard when you don’t see them for yourself, or when it’s just too amazing! Jesus showed his friends who He is and they shared these facts. We are also called to be witnesses today.

Seeing Jesus

Featuring meditative prayer
The Gospel this week tells how the disciples were shocked at Jesus’ appearance, they could not believe it when they saw He was real - eating ‘before their eyes’. This week's prayers help children to reflect on Jesus being present in people and things around us.

22 April

John 10:11-18

We Are Known

In this assembly, children will explore how they can respond to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who knows each of them personally.

Knowing His Voice

Featuring silent prayer
In the Gospel this week, Jesus is depicted as the Good Shepherd. Through listening to Him, the sheep know and recognise His voice and can confidently follow His instructions. These prayers this week involve daily moments of silence for children to practise listening to God.

29 April

John 15:1-8

We Are Connected

This week’s Gospel describes Jesus as the true vine to which we must remain connected in order to bear fruit. This assembly considers how many people, both with and without faith, choose to act in ways that help their neighbour. Children will learn how Jesus promises that when undertaken in His name, these actions will ‘bear fruit’.

Part of the Vine

Featuring imaginative prayer
This week's Gospel offers reassurance and encouragement for adults and children alike: when we are part of the vine, Jesus, we can be rooted and bear good fruit. This week's prayers help children to recognise that Jesus is the source of our strength and help them connect to Him through prayer so that each day they can bear good fruit, such as love, courage and patience.

6 May

Mark 16:15-20

We Are Disciples

On Ascension Day (9th May), we remember how Jesus was honoured by God and taken up to heaven. We also remember the instructions Jesus left His disciples: to share the good news and do incredible things through the power He would give them. This assembly helps children to consider how they can honour Jesus and follow His instructions to be disciples themselves.

Chain of Love

Featuring creative prayer
Inspired by this week’s Gospel, we will be thinking about how we can show love for others in different ways, especially in today’s society. Each day children will think about people who might need to experience God's love and consider how they can show love to those people through prayer and action.

13 May

John 17:11-19

We Are One

The Gospel this week shows Jesus’ prayer for believers - that we would be one with Him and the Father. In this assembly children will explore how they can live in this unity by trusting Jesus, keeping our focus on Him, praying as He did to God the Father, and remaining in His love.

Tune Into Truth

Featuring scripture meditation
This week’s prayers are an invitation to meditate upon God’s Word, which is truth. Children will use a meditation pattern to consider what God’s Word is saying to them and how it applies to their lives.

Ordinary Time

20 May

John 20:19-23

We Are Filled With the Holy Spirit

This week we’re celebrating Pentecost! After going up to heaven, Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to the disciples and all who believed. In this assembly, pupils will enact a drama about Pentecost, and they will know that they can have the Holy Spirit inside them too!

Living Within Us

Featuring meditative prayer
This week’s prayers echo those of the first week of Eastertide, to bookend children’s journey through this season of celebration. These prayers help children to grasp more deeply the reality and joy that Christ is alive and that the Holy Spirit lives within us and helps us.

27 May

Matthew 28:16-20


In this week’s Gospel, Jesus gives clear instructions. As His followers these are instructions for us too! We are to: Go out to all, make disciples in the Name of the Holy Trinity, teach them how to love. Children will explore how they can ‘go’ through serving to make a difference in the world.

With You

St Patrick’s Breastplate
The Gospel gives us assurance that when we pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, God hears us. Children’s prayers will centre on Jesus’ divine promise - to be with us. This requires that we remember Him and listen to Him.

3 June

Mark 14:12-16,22-26

More than a Meal

This Sunday the Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Jesus (Corpus Christi). This assembly explores the words and actions of Jesus in St Mark’s account of the Last Supper and what this means for us now.

The Body of Christ

Featuring story videos to inspire prayer
This week we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi which means ‘the body of Christ’. Each day this week, children will watch part of a film which tells the story of the Last Supper, giving them the chance to remember, reflect and pray about the importance of what Jesus did that evening.

10 June

Mark 3:20-35

Family of Followers

In this week’s Gospel, it sounds like Jesus is being rude and disowning His mum, but in fact, He praises her because she has said ‘yes’ to His Father. Through testimonies, children will consider how they can follow others’ example and say ‘yes’ to God’s will - making us part of His family of followers.

Saints of the Kingdom

Featuring praying with the saints
We are called to love God as a first priority. In this week’s prayers, children will explore examples of saints who prioritised loving God above all things, and we will pray a Litany of Saints each day.

17 June

Mark 4:26-34

The Kingdom is like...

This assembly asks the question - What is the Kingdom of God? Jesus helps us to understand these heavenly ideas by using down to earth stories. Inspired by the words of the ‘Our Father’, children will discover how they can build God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Your Kingdom Come

Featuring the Our Father
This week is Refugee Week, when we take time to specially remember, pray for and help refugees. Children will pray for God’s Kingdom to come over all aspects, to support and love those escaping danger around the world.

24 June

Mark 4:35-41

Stormy Seas

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus shows a small glimpse of His divinity through His voice calming the stormy sea. Through this children see how Jesus can restore order where there is chaos and mend the broken. They will explore how they can be filled with wonder and awe at Jesus’ mighty presence over the stormy seas in our lives.

Spirit Lead Me

Featuring intercessory prayer
When life gets tough, it can be easy to forget that Jesus cares for us - even His close friends sometimes needed reminding! In this week’s prayers, children will invite the Holy Spirit to increase their faith and hope, to aid their prayers for their lives, homes, schools, communities and in the world during difficult times.

1 July

Matthew 16:13-19

Son of Man

In this week’s assembly, children will reflect on Sunday’s Gospel and explore what the term the Son of Man means. Children will discover through prayer how the titles for Jesus connect us more closely to Him.

God’s Global Family

Featuring Mission Together prayer resources
Taking inspiration from the work of Mission Together, the prayers this week will enable children to celebrate belonging to God’s universal family.

8 July

Mark 6:1-6

Great Expectations

Jesus wasn’t accepted in His hometown. Rather than believe or trust in Him, they despised Him. This week’s assembly encourages children to invite the Holy Spirit to raise the expectations when they look to Jesus and His power, encouraging them to have open minds and open hearts to love everyone they meet.

The God Who…

Featuring vocal prayer
The Gospel tells us how Jesus was rejected by His neighbours. They would not believe that a person they thought they knew so well could have something extraordinary to say to them.
Using this Gospel story as inspiration, this week’s prayers are about praising the God who made us, through both good times and bad.

15 July

Mark 6:7-13

God Calls

This last assembly before the school holidays explores the theme of being called by Jesus to spread His love through our words and actions. Through a guided meditation, children are offered a chance to encounter Jesus personally, and be ‘sent out’ like Jesus sent out His disciples, when He called them.

For All You Give

Featuring the practice of gratitude in prayer
The theme of the final daily prayers for this school year is thankfulness, with a focus on looking back at the good things we’ve been part of during the year. Children will spend time in a posture of gratitude to God and respond in prayer to the good things ‘He has showered on us’.

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4 March

Exodus 20
John 2: 13-25

Perfect Promises: Guidance

This week's assembly, the third in our Lenten series, reminds children, through the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments, that God promises to guide us so we can live in freedom.

Prayer Into Action

In this week’s Gospel we hear that Jesus was upset with the money lenders in the temple so turned over their tables and drove them out. This week's prayers help the children to reflect on injustice and how they can play their part in putting things right by choosing God’s way.

11 March

2 Chronicles 36
John 3: 14-21

Perfect Promises: Presence

God has promised His people throughout history that He will be close to them. This assembly explores the Old Testament concept of God’s presence residing in the Temple and helps children consider that they are temples where God dwells with them today.

Joy Forever In Heaven

This Sunday the Church celebrated Laetare Sunday, meaning Rejoice Sunday. In this week’s prayers children will explore what it means to rejoice that Jesus the light has come into the world. They will learn that believing in Jesus brings joy here on earth and forever in heaven.

18 March

Jeremiah 31: 31-34
John 12: 20-33

Perfect Promises: Belonging

In this final assembly of our Lent series reflecting on God’s Perfect Promises, children hear Jeremiah’s prophecy declaring that God’s people will find belonging when His law is written on their hearts. The prayer time this week invites children to remember that they belong to God and He loves them.

Sacrificing For Others

The Gospel this week is about Jesus’ sacrificial love for us, and how children can emulate this in small ways in their day to day lives.

25 March

We will be producing an assembly resource and a daily prayers resource focussing on the key scripture and events of Holy Week, that schools may wish to use during this week.