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week beginning 4/1/21

Daily Reading for 20 minutes.


Please use the books allocated on Collins e readers. 

At the front of each book there is the phonics sounds and words covered. There are ideas to talk about before reading. 

At the back of each book there are ideas and questions to develop reading further. 


Please let us know if you are having difficulties with e readers. 

However you can:

Select a book from home that your child will be able to share with you. 

Discuss the title of the book, front cover, any interesting points. 

Make predictions as to what might happen next.

Talk about the plot,  characters and setting.

Use the phonics sounds that your child knows to help them segment and blend words. 


 School closure day




Today we are sharing things we have been doing during the holidays. Perhaps you went out for a walk, played a board game, read a great book. Maybe you were able to see other family.  Did you decorate your house ready for Christmas?

Whatever you would like to share please write to me to tell me what you have been doing. I will look forward to hearing all about it. 

Here are some reminders for when you are writing. 


Follow the power point lesson 2. Then answer the questions. These can be written out on paper, and do not need to be printed. 

The children need to do a 1* or 2* or 3* challenge, not all of the sheets. 


We are continuing our Phase 5 phonics sounds. 

Once you have watched the power point perhaps you can think of some more words with todays sound. 


Have a go at this cosmic yoga video.




We are practicing our handwriting.

Today we will be practicing  the long ladder letters, l, i, t

Watch the power point  below  to see how to form these particular letters.

What words can you think of that have these letters? Practice writing your neatest words. Can you try writing in different colours? 



Follow the power point from yesterday, lesson 3. 

Then complete a sheet either 1* 2* or 3* challenge



Watch the power point for todays sounds. Perhaps you can then look for words with this sound in a book you enjoy reading or sharing. 



We will be thinking about living and non living things. What does it mean if something is living?

What does it mean if something is non living?  Are there things that have never lived?

Have a look around your home. Can you find an object that is living?

Non living?

Never lived?

Draw  a diagram to show me what you have found. 



Read the story The Snail and the whale or watch the amazing BBC version.

Talk about what happens at the beginning of the story, middle and ending. Then draw three pictures to show the story, and label with a short caption. Remember to check your writing with the checklist from Tuesday. 



Follow the power point lesson 4. Then complete the sheet choosing a 1* 2* or 3* challenge.



Todays powerpoint is for the ey phoneme. Can you find anything around your house that has ey in it?



We  are going to be exploring hot and cold countries this half term. I wonder what you already know about these sorts of places around the world. For this you do not need to do any research, I want to know what you know now. 

Have a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Label one side Hot countries, one side cold countries. Then draw pictures to show what you know. It could be animals that live there, people, what the places look like, the weather, anything you can tell me!



Today we will consolidate the weeks learning.  




Today we are learning our Tricky words. Remember these are the words Trick the Robot teaches us. They have a part of the word which cannot be sounded out. 

Practice saying and reading the words. Then tell someone a sentence with one of the words in it. Can you write a sentence with a tricky word?



This week  on 6th January we celebrated Epiphany. This is when the Wise men went on their journey to find the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. 

Can you find out what gifts the Wise men took to Jesus.  What were the Wise men's names?  Draw a picture of the Wise men and their gifts. Colour them carefully to show their beautiful robes and  presents.

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