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Monday 1st March

This is hopefully the last week for most of you to learn at home. A huge well done to all of you and your parents / carers for all your hard work! It is so exciting to have you all back next week.


Thank you to almost everyone for your Victorian dress up dolls from Friday's art lesson. If you have not sent it yet please send it as soon as you can so we can add it to the website. Send to Mrs Baumber on starz please.

Mrs Wordsmith- secluded- write 2 sentences using this word.

Keep working on your 5 times tables this week - try these multiplication wheels.

Adding decimal sheet. To print out or write in your book.

Adding decimals answers - to mark at home.



We have now looked at a number of performance poems which use rhythm and rhyme. In many of these raps, the poets are writing about their own families, friends, aspirations and experiences.


It is now time for us to write our own Lockdown raps!  There are some amazing examples of Lockdown Raps, spend some time looking at the following for inspiration. 


Lockdown Rap on Vimeo 

AWESOME Original COVID-19 Lockdown Rap By Creative Kids | Our Fun Pandemic Song - YouTube

'Looking To The Rainbow' (Lockdown Song) by Becky Drake and The Blue Coat School Chapel Choir - YouTube

Isolation Without Kids song - Lockdown 2020 - YouTube


Over the next three lessons we are going to write our own Lockdown Raps. Today we are generating idea for our poems, use the worksheet below to capture your ideas.  


Task A

Using the worksheet below, create a mind map or list of words, phrases, snippets of conversations which describe your experience during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Think about the impact it has had on the country, your family and you. 


If you don't know where to start, watch Michael Rosen discuss how he writes his poems. The link is here: Michael Rosen How I write poetry on Vimeo


Task B

Once you have your ideas, pick your top five ideas. Create lists of rhyming words. For example:


Idea 1 – Year 5 Bubble

Rhyming Words – trouble, double, rubble, stubble


Create ways to describe your top five ideas using similes or personification.


Idea 1 – Year 5 Bubble

Personification – Supporting each other like bricks in a wall.


Task C

Share your ideas! Put your favourite idea, phrase or rhyme on the word cloud.



31 66 97 5 


Please send your work to Miss Johnson. 



Today we are continuing to investigate forces. We are going to consider the effects of water resistance!


Water resistance is the friction between water and the surface of a moving object. Before you start your experiment, read the PowerPoint presentation.

The Experiment

We are investigating how the shape of an object effects how quickly it moves through the water.


You will need:

- A container of water

- Blue-tack/play-dough/plasticine or household objects with different shapes.

- Stop watch

- A copy of the Record Sheet 



1) Using your plasticine, make at least five different shapes e.g. cone, cube, tear drop, penny, cylinder

2) Place each shape on the surface of the water and watch how it moves through the water.




1) Complete Section 1 of the Record Sheet.

    Identify what you going to do to make sure your investigation is a fair test.

2) Complete Section 2 of the Record Sheet.

    Identify which shape will move through the water the quickest and which will be the slowest.



3) Complete Section 3 of the Record Sheet.

    Record how long it takes your shape to sink to the bottom of your container.

4) Repeat each shape three times.

5) Calculate the average time for each shape.



6) Complete Section 4 of the Record Sheet.

   Draw a bar chart using average time.

7) Complete Section 5 of the Record Sheet.

   Identify which shape was the quickest and why,



Its Marbles!

Using your understanding of water resistance, create a boat to carry as many marbles as possible! We would love to see photo's of your creations! 


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