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Maths today you will need: mirrors, 2D shapes, line of symmetry sheet. 


Go through the power point lesson 1. 


Symmetry sheet. 


Choose a reading book, read your book and then complete your sound hunt sheet. 


Today you are looking for all the sounds in the 'ai' family. 


You might see: 

pay     make         rain....


Write these down on your sheet. 


Today we will be looking at Palm Sunday and why that is an important festival for Christians. 


This year Palm Sunday is on 28th March. 


Watch the film telling the story of Palm Sunday from Dan the donkey's point of view. 


Tasks: Children can make a palm cross this may need to be done in small groups. You will need 2 pieces of green card one long bit one short. 


When not doing the palm cross they can do the Palm Sunday colouring. 

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