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Monday 11.01.21

Afternoon work - Science . Watch this utube clip about how to use a Newton Meter.




Or search your own clip about newton meters.


Then take a clean piece of paper - lined or plain and answer the questions that are on the first sheet and complete the second sheet if you can print it out.

Mrs Wordsmith – your word today is tongue-tied.


Draw and colour the picture.

Underneath your picture write out the 6 sentences in best handwriting – you can use a pen if you can. In each there is a missing word so you can look at the words on the back of the sheet and try to think what it is. Send you work with the coloured picture and 6 sentences to Miss Johnson .


Mystery Story.


I am sending you a mystery story. I would like you to read it carefully.

Then on paper with your own handwriting I would like you to do the following things.


  1. Write a short summary of the story – what happened in your words? At least 2 sentences.
  2. Explain who the 2 characters are in the story and what we know about them.
  3. Can you draw what you think the 2 characters look like?
  4. Why do you think the story is called Road’s End.
  5. Now I want you to find 10 words that you feel are the most difficult in the text or that you are not sure of. Write them down and use a dictionary or internet search to find the meanings. Record these meanings.

Tomorrow we will find out more about this story.

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