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See today's PowerPoint for this week's Lent Challenge.

English - To be sent to a member of staff by 12pm

Mathematics - To be sent to a member of staff by 12 pm

Today's number is 54.

Spr6.9.1 - Area of a parallelogram

Reading - To be sent to a member of staff by 1 pm

There is no Holes today due to the length of our text for English.

Science - To be sent to a member of staff by 3pm

See PowerPoint for today's lesson.

Previous weeks' work


Task 1:

Complete the features of an introduction sheets.

Task 2:

Write your own introduction to a newspaper article about Dr. Crippen.

Read chapter 7 of Holes and answer the following questions:

1) What does 'bones rattled' tell us about the ground at Camp Green Lake?

2) What interesting things might the boys find in the ground?

3) Why did the digging get easier after a while?

4) How do you know the digging isn't easy?

5) Why doesn't Elya marry Myra?

6) Was he right not to marry her?

Multiply by 10 100 and 1000

Complete the Oak Academy's lesson 1 of Evolution and send me your answers.


Your task it to write your own autobiography. An Autobiography is where you write about your life so far. It is generally done in chronological (time) order. Think about some of the key things that have happened in your life so far.

Spr6.2.3 - Division to solve problems

Read chapter 13.


Task: Was Stanley right to give Zigzag the tube? Fully explain your answer.


Your task:

1)Create a key for the key features of a biography using the features word mat.
2)Find and colour the key features in Evelyn Glennie’s short biography.

Spr6.3.3 - Understand percentages

Read chapter 18 of Holes.

1.How do you know Stanley is getting better at digging holes?
2.Why did Stanley write his letter in his tent?
3.How do you think Zero felt when Stanley wouldn’t help him?
4.What do you think might happen next and why?
5.Imagine you are Stanley. Finish writing the letter to your parents.

Using Mountain Mystery, your spider diagram and timeline, create a fact file for George Mallory. You will need to at least include the following sections:

1)His early life
2)His family
3)His achievements
4)His first two attempts to climb Mount Everest
5)His final attempt to summit Mount Everest

Spr6.4.2 - Percentage of an amount (1)

This weeks chapters of Holes are set mostly in the past and deal with an unpleasant issue of the time.

Read chapter 24 of Holes.

1.Why do you think none of the boys were looking at Mr Sir at breakfast?

2.Draw Mr Sir.
3.Why do you think Mr Sir poured Stanley’s water onto the floor?
4.Write a letter to the government about the treatment of the boys by Mr Sir.


Spr6.7.1 - Metric measures

Spr6.7.2 - Convert metric measures

Read chapter 29

  1. Why was the change in the weather for the worse?
  2. How far away was the storm?
  3. Why could Stanley not normally see the mountains during the day?
  4. How could he see them now?
  5. What is X-Ray referencing when he says: “Forty days and forty nights,”?
  6. Draw X-Ray and Zigzag’s ark including the animals on board.
  7. Would you want to get on the boys ark?
  8. Was Stanley’s grandmother an angel? What makes you think that?
  9. Draw the thumb of God Stanley can see.


Task 1: Read the Strangest Shop in the World PowerPoint which was sent to you on Starz.

Task 2: Write about what you see as you turn the corner and enter the Strangest Shop in the World.

Task 3: Draw the strangest shop in the world.

Task 4: Draw some of the items that you think you might see in the shop.

Spr6.8.1 - Shapes - same area

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