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Meet the staff


Headteacher                                                Mr M A Millinson


Deputy Headteacher                                   Miss C Harrison


Assistant Headteachers                             Mrs H Baumber

                                                                      Mrs C Barker (SENDCO)


Business Manager                                      Mrs E Cowell

                                                                      Mrs T King (Trainee)


Admin Assistant                                         Mrs C Welcher


Caretaker                                                     Mr J Arnold


PPA Teacher                                               Ms H Orbell


Teaching Assistants                                  Mrs S McCready


Reception Teacher                                     Mrs S Johnson

Teaching Assistants                                  Mrs J Westwood

                                                                     Mrs M Marsh


Year 1 Teacher                                           Mrs H Mathieson

Teaching Assistants                                  Miss L Jupp


Year 2 Teacher                                           Mrs C Barker

Teaching Assistants                                  Mrs K Hall


Year 3 Teacher                                           Miss H Prime

Teaching Assistant                                   Mrs C Clarke


Year 4 Teacher                                           Miss S Mayern

Teaching Assistant                                   Mrs P Wakefield


Year 5 Teacher                                          Miss C Harrison

Teaching Assistants                                 Miss M Brand


Year 5x Teacher                                         Mrs H Baumber

Teaching Assistant                                    Miss R Johnson


Year 6 Teacher                                           Mr L Crickwood

Teaching Assistant                                   Mrs A Sutherland

                                                                    Mrs A Davey




  • The All Saints Inter-Church Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (registered number 8454781)