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Dear Parents and Carers, 


I hope you are all keeping safe and well. As we are moving onto the next stage of our home learning I am going to start to add some activities from WhiteRose - our scheme we follow in maths. These will be topics that we would have covered but we sadly did not get to teach. 


We will be starting with measurement for length and height. I have attached the activity and the answer sheet. There are also accompaning videos to go with these activities they can be found on the whiterose website: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/


Please again don't feel any pressure if you can't get all of this done these are very strange times. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Mrs Lamy 

The Counting by Twos Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

The Counting by Fives Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)

Hello Year 2, 


welcome to our online Maths page. I've uploaded the next home learning pack which has some maths questions on it. I've also put some of our counting videos and a shape song I thought you would like. 


Here are some maths activities you can do if you can't print the home learning packs off. 

- keep counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. 

- Make your own 100 square - practise writing some of the numbers in words. 

- Go on a shape hunt around your house what 2D and 3D shapes can you find? 

- Draw 12 counters, put them into 2 equal groups. How many do you have in each group? Try this with other even numbers. 

-practise adding and subtraction two digit numbers and ones and two, two digit numbers. For example: 23 + 6 = 

30 + 20 =   29 + 5 =  60 - 6 =  80 - 30 = . 


Parents if you child has access to a laptop/tablet/iPad ect then you can find a website called Topmarks. There are lots of great maths games on this. I'll post the link to one of them https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-ordering 


Don't worry if you can't get everything done these are just a few ideas remember to be kind to yourselves. 


Mrs Lamy 



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