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A few maths challenges for you. 

Can you cut out the bean plants and put them in the correct order of height?

Stick the numbered bean leaves on bricks to build your beanstalk -  can you build a beanstalk of 20 bricks tall with the numbers in the correct order?

What else can you use to build a beanstalk?

Cushions -  Packets or tins from the cupboard - shoes - books -  plant pots from the garden.

 How tall can you build them and what number do you reach?

Can you think of anything else to use to build a beanstalk?

Measuring with cubes to find out how many cubes tall the beanstalks are -  but remember you don't have to just use cubes.

Fun activities to try. 

 Find out who - 

  has the biggest feet and wears the biggest shoes ? Can you put your families shoes in the correct order of size?

Is the tallest/shortest?

Can you stand your family in the correct order of height?

where do you stand? Who do you stand next too/in between?

Has the biggest hands and can hold the most objects?

How many objects can you hold and how many more do you need to have the most?


Count how many giant steps to walk around your garden.

How many steps do you climb to go to bed?

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