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This week I would like you to practise counting, subtraction and halving.


Steps to subtraction success!

 1. Begin by practising counting backwards from 10 and then 20.

2. Take a number track and place a counter or coin on a number. Roll a dice and then move the counter backwards that amount of places. After each move repeat to your child: First you were on ... then you moved   backwards to  ... Now you are on...

3. Start showing your child a subtraction calculation within 10. For example 6-3=

Give your child 6 counters, coins, pegs etc and ask them to subtract 3. This will help them to physically see they are subtracting.

4. Once confident write down some more subtraction calculations. This time they are ready to repeat step 2 and will hopefully understand what the calculation is asking them to do. Use a number track to count back to find the answer.

Move through each step only when your child is ready.


I would also like you to practise sharing. We call it halving!

If possible take two slices of bread and make a sandwich. Maybe a honey sandwich! Can you half it so you and one other person have an equal part?

Try sharing the bees on to each flower. Remember we half by saying…’one for me, one for you, one for me, one for you etc. Make sure you count each flower at the end to check each flower has an equal amount of bees.

Below are some resources which you can dip in and out of. Some require no printer.

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