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Make a ladybird home

You will need a container with a lid- make sure it has little holes in it so the ladybirds can breathe. 

1. Line the bottom of your tank with kitchen paper. This will absorb any excess water and will help keep things clean.


2. You will need to find and cut a stem of a plant with a large cluster of amphids on it. Place this in the tank. Keep checking there are amphids on the stem as each ladybird will eat around 15-25 each day. If you are unable to find ampids at once, you could try feeding your ladybirds on a few drops of sugar or honey water as a stop gap. A raisin soaked in water can also be an alternative food source. 


3. Ladybirds will not need water as they will get all their moisture from the food in which they eat. However if it is very dry, place a wet cotton wool ball into the tank. Do not place water in the tank in case the ladybirds fall in and die. 


Collecting ladybirds

Take a little tube or jar and gently persuade the ladybird to step in- you could use a paint brush to gently edge it in. 

If you can't spot any, place a white sheet under a low hanging tree branch and give It a good shake. Any ladybirds hiding in the leaves will fall out and will be easily seen. 


Observe your ladybirds for around two days and then free them. 


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